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amixon® manufacturing program

Ideal mixing qualities and optimum hygiene. This can only be achieved with high-precision manufacturing. amixon® manufacturing fulfills the highest standards. amixon® has a unique range of precision mixers. These mixers are used in all industries where high quality powders are mixed, refined or chemically modified.The powders can be dry, moist or suspended.For 40 years, our team has been dedicated exclusively to mixing, vacuum mix drying, synthesis reactions, agglomeration and build-up granulation.

amixon® devices belong to the premium sector. They meet the highest demands such as:

  • Achieving ideal mixing qualities, even with heterogeneous goods if their components have different particle sizes and bulk densities
  • Highest hygiene requirements; adapted to various cleaning regimes
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Best dischargeability without residues

Every mixing company has its own specific requirements when it comes to purchasing a mixer. All the many requirement aspects are difficult to specify. In the test center of amixon GmbH, we help our customers to select and define the machine features.

Every amixon® mixer is unique; it is always specially adjusted to the respective requirements of the customer. Let us advise you comprehensively and try out the amixon® mixers in our test center or in your production environment. More than 30 amixon® test mixers are at your disposal!

    amixon® is present in almost every industry worldwide

    pharmacydieteticsdietary supplementsbaking agents, life science, infant formulavegan meat alternatives, instant products, instant drinksenzymesherbsteamueslispices, cereals, animal feed, starch, cellulose derivatives, fine chemicalsplastics industry, vacuum or inert gas, active substance synthesis, vacuum contact drying, formulation , metal soaps, washing-active substances, ceramic high-performance materials, three-D printingadaptive manufacturing, powder metallurgycomplete discharge, …..

    Industries, processes and industry-specific terminology

    The ranking roughly symbolizes the variety of application spectra. The amixon® mixers shown above offer many user advantages: they mix quickly - regardless of the filling level, they empty largely without residue, they are particularly convenient to clean/inspect, they have large inspection doors. The spiral mixing tools are driven and mounted only at the top.

    Vertical mixer for highest precision when mixing bulk materials

    The HM, KS, AM and VM mixing systems are precision mixers with very short mixing times. They are mostly manufactured with batch volumes from 600 liters to 10 000 liters. These mixers can be used for almost all types of dry, wet and suspended solids. The HM type offers the highest efficiency. The mixing time of the HM is extremely short; depending on the task, approx. 0.25 to 5 minutes. The AM and VM mixing systems are single-shaft mixers. Their mixing times are approx. 3 to 7 minutes, depending on the task. The achievable mixing qualities of all amixon® mixers always correspond to the highest homogeneity, which can no longer be improved in practice.

    Can the properties of the HM and KS mixing systems be compared?

    The characteristics are quite similar in terms of soft, gentle operation. Both systems ensure the highest efficiency. The particles are mixed in such a way that their shape was not changed. The HM type is often used when large batches have to be mixed gently. The KoneSlid® is manufactured for batch sizes up to 3 m³. It is used when the mixing time is extremely short and when complete discharge is to take place in a few seconds. It realizes cycle times of 1 to 4 minutes. The cycle time in this context is the sum of the times for filling, mixing, discharging and closing the discharge valve. The same mixer can also be used for batching or portioning discharge.

    amixon® mixer: Typ HM and KS

    For which mixing tasks was the Gyraton® mixer developed?

    The amixon® mixer type GM is a new development. It is used when a large batch of similar goods is to be homogenized. In this respect, the Gyraton® mixer differs from the other amixon® mixers. It is not used when one wants to distribute a very small component in another component. That would take a relatively long time.

    Bulk solids such as tea, herbs, spices, tobacco or chemical raw materials are often delivered in 40-foot ocean containers from overseas. It must be assumed that the goods in the container will have different qualities, particle sizes, bulk densities, moisture levels, color and flavor characteristics, etc. A uniform quality determination can only take place if statistically secured samples are taken and analyzed.

    Sampling only makes sense if the total mass has been homogenized beforehand. The Gyraton® mixer can homogenize large quantities gently. Its motor power is low. The mixing tool rotates slowly. The mixing tool sweeps the bottom and the entire cylinder wall at a defined distance. It covers all volume parts of the mixing chamber without dead space. The mixing time can be preset according to motor power and rotation frequency. The Gyraton mixer® from amixon® is particularly compact and it meets the highest hygiene requirements. Compared to a conical screw mixer with the same effective volume and diameter, the overall height of the Gyraton® is only one third.

    amixon® mixer Typ Gyraton®

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