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Fine ceramics and powder metallurgy

High purity oxides, nitrides, carbines and borides of aluminum or silicon can be filtered, dried, de-agglomerated out of lye, solvents and suspensions and mixed intensively.

amixon® mixers and mixing-dryers are extremely abrasion-resistant and can process charges from 5 to 40,000 kg quickly and without contamination.

  • Mixing and homogenizing - Fine-ceramics and powder metallurgy
  • Gentle homogenizing or intensive mixing in the same device: doping of pigments, high temperature materials, superconductors; ceramic powder as dielectric for capacitors.
  • Dispersing and desagglomerating - Fine-ceramics and powder metallurgy
  • Pigment distribution in raw mixtures and glazes; Dispersing and doping of Al or Si oxides, nitrides, carbides and borides under clean room conditions.
  • Coating - Fine-ceramics and powder metallurgy
  • Coating of metal particles:
    • xs < 0.1 µm with nano-powder
    • xs < 10-3 µm coating of agglomerates with films and glazes
  • Mixing-drying and reaction control - Fine-ceramics and powder metallurgy
  • Drying of aqueous, alcoholic or other solvent suspensions through vacuum excitation and temperature control.
  • Agglomeration

Applications in the powder metallurgy and fine ceramics industry:

  • Powder metals, tungsten / tungsten carbide, silicon carbide
  • Engineering ceramics, dental ceramics, technical ceramics
  • Engobes and glazes
  • FE powder / iron powder
  • Sintered metal powder, powder for laser sintering
  • Metal powder for 3D printing