Continuous Granulator / Ring-layer mix-pelletizer (RMG)

Pin mixer for dry, moist and viscous materials

The scoop-like mixing tools of the continuous granulator and ring-layer mix-pelletizer mix particularly gently - suitable for dry, moist and suspended goods.

Further characteristics:

  • Special tools and paddles mix intensely and dispersing.
  • Particularly high speed for build-up granulation.
  • Large inspection cover in CleverCut® design.
  • Test machines with dosing station available.

Optional Features:

  • CIP equipment
  • SIP equipment
  • Pressure- and vacuum-resistant
  • Dual jacket for maintaining the correct temperature

This horizontal pin mixer can be designed for compliance with FDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards. It also meets EHEDG requirements.

There are currently two gently-used RMG Mixers available for purchase.

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Technical drawings

Mixer Cross-Section