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Continuous Granulator / Ring-layer mix-pelletizer (RMG)

Continuous granulation (agglomeration) of bulk materials. The agglomerates have a uniform structure and size.


The mixing tools of the continuous mixer are tiller or paddles. They cover the entire cylindrical mixing chamber. Dry powders can be moistened. Powders, slurries, liquids and highly viscous products can be homogenised effectively. They can be agglomerated very frequently. In this case, the ring-pan mixer works as a ring-pan granulator.


Further features of the mixer and agglomerator:

  • Pins and paddles cover the entire mixing chamber at the same distance (equidistant)
  • Continuous pipe flow
  • several treatment zones: a) intensive mixing and deagglomeration, b) intensive wetting, c) agglomeration by build-up granulation, d) continuous discharge
  • The mixing chamber is made of thick-walled sheet metal
  • It is particularly round (as it is machined).
  • Cleaning and inspection are facilitated by large inspection doors OmgaSeal seals the inspection doors particularly gap-free
  • Test machines with dosing station available for tests


amixon can manufacture the appliances hygienically

  • 3-A hygiene standards
  • FDA
  • GMP


Extensive equipment


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