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Used vertical single-shaft mixer

Manufactured by amixon GmbH, Paderborn, Germany

Type: VM 300 / 20°

Year of construction2005

The mixer VM 300 has a usable volume of 300l and a gross volume of approx. 420l. For cooling or heating purposes, the apparatus is equipped with a double jacket in the area of ​​the cylinder and the base plate. (Design parameters: 0.2 bar overpressure, 60 ° C).

  • Material in contact with product: 1.4301
  • Designed for a maximum bulk density of 3.5 kg / l
  • Drive power mixing tool 15 kW
  • Net apparatus weight approx. 1700 kg with stand
  • Including connecting piece for temperature sensors to determine the product temperature
  • Including 1x feeding nozzle DN 250, 1x venting nozzle DN 100, 1x discharge flange DN 300 with flap Ø 200
  • Including lateral, oval inspection door - sealed gas-tight using an O-ring

The mixer is equipped with an additional dispersing tool. Drive power: 11/18 kW. The device is a batch mixer, which is filled from above and discharged through an opening in the base plate, which is located at the lowest point. The mixing tool is driven and supported from above only. Sealing is carried out using gland packing. Due to the inclined arrangement of the mixer, the mixing flow of the goods is very effective. Likewise, the dispersing tool can be operated effectively with comparatively low filling levels.

without electrical control cabinet

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