KoneSlid® test mixer in the amixon® pilot plant; test center

KoneSlid® test mixer in the amixon® pilot plant; test center

KoneSlid® mixer with complete discharge

Some producers want to use particularly small, powerful batch mixers in their powder blending operations. This should increase their competitiveness. In this way, more mixing jobs should be completed in a short time.

This means that not only the feeding and mixing process must be accelerated, but also that the discharge must happen quickly and without residues.

Powder mixing companies want to produce ideal mixing qualities. This should take place by fulfilling important secondary requirements:

  • They want to preserve the granulometry of the raw materials.
  • No dust should occur.
  • This is especially relevant for instant products produced with the spray agglomerator.
  • They want short mixing times and the best possible discharge of residual material.
  • They want contamination-free batch consistency, no matter which raw materials are used.
    They want a validated cleaning routine, adapted to the degree of contamination and adjusted to the raw material composition of the subsequent production orders.
  • The cleaning should be carried out either dry, moist or wet.
    • Automatic or manual.

Unique performance

The spiral mixing tool gently conveys the mixing goods upwards. This takes place on the periphery of the mixing chamber. In the center of the mixing chamber, the downward flow prevails. The conical closing element directs the flow back outwards. Different rotation speeds overlay the entire volume of the mixing chamber. Each particle is randomly in the upward movement or in the downward movement.

Conical closing element in the mixing chamber.

Conical valves have been used in the bulk solids industry for many decades. They are only installed vertically and have the advantage of optionally discharging mixing goods either rapidly or in a dosing mode. Their use within a precision powder mixer is a novelty. The cone in this case has particularly steep and smooth slopes. Gravity causes the mixing goods to slide downwards. This is how they are guided to the periphery. The mixing good flows into the operating range of the mixing tool and is conveyed upwards again and again. Theoretically, the mixing spiral has completely conveyed the entire mixing chamber volume upward after approximately 5 revolutions. This is the explanation for the extremely short mixing time.

amixon® offers unique benefits for the user with this new development.

This powder mixing machine is called KoneSlid® mixer and combines excellent features:

  • The mixing process is three-dimensional with minimal energy input.
  • The peripheral speed of the mixing tool is very low (optionally below 1 m/s to approx. 3 m/s).
  • The mixing process takes only 20 to 120 seconds, depending on the mixing task.
  • Discharge takes place segregation-free - with low agitation of the mixing tool.
  • A "displacer cone" lowers and discharges the mixed goods within a few seconds.
  • The degrees of filling can vary - from about 10% to 100%.
  • The mixer meets the highest hygiene requirements; far beyond the EHEDG requirements.
    An "Atex" EG type examination certificate is available for the mixer.
  • The mixing chamber meets the requirements for catergory II 1D and thus a zone 20 is permitted.
  • Three or four large inspection doors allow for convenient inspection of all components in contact with the product.
  • These inspection doors are uniquely hygienically designed: "OmgaSeal®".

For example, with this small KoneSlid® mixer of size KS 500 (500 litres usable capacity), it is possible to supply a filling / packing machine with a sufficient amount of mixed material. The maximum filling volume flow here is, for example, 10 m³ of baby food per hour.

Optionally, the mix can be inerted inside the mixer. Vacuum application and evacuation of ambient air from the mixing chamber then extends the batch time.

If required, you are welcome to use our technical centre in Paderborn. KoneSlid® mixers are available there in various sizes for tests with your mixing materials.

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