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amixon® is committed to continuous innovation in the development and construction of processing equipment for dry material handling.

The construction of sterile mixing equipment that meets even the highest regulatory standards is key in this endeavor. To this end, our mixing devices use innovative technologies to ensure complete discharging.

The amixon® product portfolio includes powder mixers, vacuum dryers, and reactors. In recent years continual innovation has enabled amixon® to make marked improvements in productivity and hygienic design. Mixing equipment from amixon® features unique, innovative technologies developed by our team.

Between acquiring new customers, entering new markets, and developing new products, amixon® has seen continuous growth over the years. Our 139 staff members are currently employed in at our headquarters in Paderborn, Germany, where they work to develop and create modern solutions for the specific technical tasks and challenges required by our customers.

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    Founder and owner
    Diplom-Ingenieur Stefan Ruberg

    Company headquarters

    Number of employees (as of January 2022)

    Thereof Apprentices

    Export Sales
    around 50 - 60%

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amixon® experts in mixing and dry ingredient processing

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