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Our Mission

German-made quality, excellent service, customer satisfaction

This is our promise to you, to ourselves, and to our lasting and successful partnership. Our mixing equipment is built with to meet the highest quality standards, and the innovative technologies we develop are designed to solve the toughest processing challenges.

This is why we insist on building our mixing machines in house in Germany. With the exception of our motors and gearboxes, every individual part in an amixon® mixer was created by our employees onsite in Paderborn.

When you purchase an amixon® mixer, you are purchasing unparalleled longevity and security. Many details in amixon® mixers are patented, proprietary technologies. And the majority of our employees are certified in skilled trades. We possess certifications for HP-O and the construction of pressurized vessels of all classes. Our machines are certified with ASME regulations and carry the "U"-Stamp of approval. We furthermore possess many international certifications for welding.

Even in the most heavy-duty applications, amixon® mixers are built to last. Many of our machines are still in operation after 25 years.

When we build mixers, we do so with your needs in mind. We visualize your facilities using 3D CAD tools in order to create equipment that will integrate seamlessly into your processing line. In just a few days time, we can generate a 3D plan a high performance mixer to meet your processing challenges.

Out-of-the-box thinking, innovation, individuality

Whether for the food industry, pharmaceutical production, or chemical processing, amixon® has a 40 year history of developing innovative solutions to the processing challenges of diverse industries. We achieve by promoting a culture of creative thinking and solution-oriented approaches.

We believe that progress is defined by an excellent understanding of customer needs matched by a commitment to continuous improvement.

"If we follow in the footsteps of others, we can never become the leader. amixon® likes to go its own way. We take pleasure in developing innovative solutions for the processing challenges of our customers.“
Stefan Ruberg, Owner and Managing director