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When it comes to taking responsibility, the amixon® team pulls together.  

The quality of our services, the health and safety of our employees and environmental protection are our top priorities in all our business activities. This is also reflected in our QHSE policy, which has been drafted by the management of amixon GmbH and Ruberg-Mischtechnik GmbH + Co KG. 

Together with all parties involved, we, amixon GmbH and Ruberg-Mischtechnik GmbH + Co KG, pursue the goal of meeting all QHSE objectives through proactive planning and responsible and considered action. We see our suppliers as long-term partners who equally adhere to our views and quality standards. This creates the foundation for secure, trusting and successful cooperation. 

All of the objectives laid out in our QHSE* policy are in the context of customer requirements and therefore our ultimate goal - customer satisfaction. 

* QHSE is the abbreviation for "Quality, Health, Safety and Environment".


Code of conduct

Health and safety

Compliance Organization