KoneSlid® precision mixer KS

Baby formula mixing

The sales market for industrially manufactured baby food made from milk derivatives is constantly growing. Quality products manufactured with powder mixer in Europe are currently very much in demand in China. That occasionally leads to retailers only selling the goods to customers in small numbers. In order to meet the increasing requirements, manufacturers are starting to use particularly efficient and fast-working powder mixer systems. One aspect always stands to the fore here: the fulfilment of all hygienic regulations for the preparation of baby food.

In the manufacturing process for dietetic foodstuffs, precision mixers are always involved for the admixing of trace elements and vitamins. This process must be carried out with high precision where the dosage and the mixing quality are concerned. With these requirements in view, amixon® has developed an interesting innovation: a single-shaft powder mixing system with comparatively small dimensions. This precision powder mixer is characterised by particularly short mixing and discharging times, amongst other things. It is thus capable of processing large product quantities in a short cycle time.

Unconventional powder mixing chamber

Ideal mixing qualities and excellent particle protection are achieved in a new way. The mixing container consists of a silo-like container in whose centre a large cone is inserted at the bottom. The powder mixer has a smooth, streamlined design and supports the flow process of the mixtures. Helical mixing tools convey the goods upwards in a spiral-like motion. This process takes place along the wall of the container.

Having arrived at the top, the goods slide downwards and are directed to the outside once again by the cone. The homogenisation process takes place in the marginal area between the upward screwing and the downward movement. This process is gentle and effective.

After approximately 20 to 30 revolutions an ideal mixing quality is obtained that cannot be further improved in practice. The displacer then lowers itself by a few centimetres, so that the emptying takes place quickly and without residues. The mixer usually discharges into containers, big bags or the storage tanks of a filling machine. If the discharged mixture would land in the middle of the collecting container, a cone of material would form, leading to two disadvantages.

On the one hand, the entire intake capacity cannot be used and on the other, bulk material slopes can cause segregation effects. The mixtures are discharged off-centre and segregation-free from the powder mixer described here.

amixon® has test mixers in the most diverse sizes for process trials. Good results are assured in advance.



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