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Innovative processing technologies invented by mixing experts

“If we follow in the footsteps of others, we can never become the leader. amixon® likes to go its own way. We take pleasure in developing innovative solutions for the processing challenges of our customers.”

Stefan Ruberg, Owner & Managing Director

Won through decades of collaboration with our customers, we have a high level of insight into the processing challenges of diverse industries. At amixon®, we are motivated by these challenges and driven to develop custom solutions for the most ambitious applications.

amixon® is the inventor and sole proprietor of numerous problem-solving innovations in powder processing. Our mixing machines are equipped with innovative technologies, specially designed to improve operational ergonomics, cleaning and hygiene, processing efficiency, and mixing quality.

Read on to learn more about the innovative features that make amixon® mixing equipment the best in their class.

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CleverCut® Inspection Doors

amixon® mixers are equipped with large, ergonomic inspection doors that grant full access to the mixing vessel.

Using an abrasive water cutting technology, the openings are carved with rounded edges, eliminating dead space and difficult-to-clean corners where product can accumulate. A food grade O-ring seal, located in the groove between the door and the opening – particularly close to the product - ensures a gastight and virtually seamless closure.

ComDisc® Discharging Mechanism

Leave no value-adding product behind in your mixer! ComDisc® improves batch yields and reduces cleaning time, ensuring an efficient and hygienic discharging process. With ComDisc®, even mixing machines with flat bottoms can be quickly discharged up to 99.997%.

Installed at the bottom of the mixing shaft, this flexible mechanism floats through the product during the mixing process and lowers to the vessel floor upon discharging. There, it sweeps the bottom of the mixer in a radial fashion, pushing the mixing goods towards the discharge outlet.

KoneSlid® Mixer Floor

Achieve perfect homogeneity and complete, rapid discharge with the KoneSlid® mixer. The bottom of this mixer forms a cone shape, with the pointed end inverted back into the mixing chamber.

the mixing process, this pointed tip serves as a displacement body, helping to generate a three-dimensional flow within the product. Upon discharging, product flows effortlessly through the outlet along the cone’s bottom circumference. This discharging method virtually eliminates segregation as well as uneven piling in the container below.

KwickKlamp® Door Clamps

Quickly and easily open and close the inspection doors of the mixer with KwickKlamp®. Though they can be closed and released by hand, these door clamps ensure a 100% gastight closure that is virtually free of dead space.

SinConvex® Mixing Blades

The innovative SinConvex® helical mixing blade initiates a three-dimensional powder flow within the mixing goods. Powders flow upwards in a spiral current along the periphery of the mixing chamber. After reaching the top, they flow back downwards along the mixing shaft. The mixing effect occurs three-dimensionally within the boundary areas between the two macro flows.

WaterDragon® Wet Cleaning System

WaterDragon® is permanently affixed to the mixing vessel or processing apparatus. In wet cleaning mode, the closure flap opens, freeing up space in the mixing vessel for a rotary washing lance. The lance protracts into the mixing vessel. Driven by the pressure from the wash water, the washing head rotates as seven nozzles spray down the entire mixing vessel.

The system is designed to automatically clean itself and drain out residual water. It also dries itself by introducing large amounts of warm air through the main nozzle of the WaterDragon®. The warm air is led past the rotary washing head into the mixing room. Only after drying does the rotary washing lance retract back into its resting position behind the closure flap, creating a liquid- and gas-tight seal.

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