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Powder mixing machines for nutritional supplements, protein powder and more

As awareness of the prevalence of lifestyle diseases grows worldwide, consumers are taking proactive measures to improve their health through diet and exercise. Nutraceuticals and functional foods, ranging from multivitamins to protein shakes, mineral supplements to fortified snacks and beverages, are increasingly becoming an important part of consumers' daily diets.

Mixing technologist amixon® is a global leader in the production of high-performance equipment used to manufacture nutraceuticals such as dietary supplements and sports nutrition products. Our food-grade powder mixers and blenders are used by leading contract manufacturers and health food brands worldwide.

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Industrial supplement powder & vitamin mixers

amixon®mixing machines are used wherever bulk dry ingredients are processed to create uniform blends. In nutraceutical manufacturing, our mixing equipment is used to create the following products:

  • Private label protein powder: whey, casein, egg white, hemp, pea, brown-rice
  • Dietary supplements: multivitamins, minerals, probiotics, natural extracts
  • Nutritional shakes: body building, weight-loss, fiber supplements
  • Premixes for functional foods: energy bars, energy gels, fortified cereals and oatmeals, and more.

Blending equipment for supplement contract manufacturers

Nutraceutical contract manufacturers are confronted with the challenge of efficiently manufacturing diverse private label products with wide-ranging specifications – all using the same equipment.

amixon® batch mixing equipment for nutraceutical manufacturing is engineered to perform a range of processing functions at variable filling levels, allowing supplement contract manufacturers to fine-tune production on a batch-by-batch, product-by-product basis.

  • Optimal mixing quality, variable filling levels - Mix at filling levels as wide-ranging as 10 percent to 100 percent
  • Adjustable mixing settings - From agglomeration to coating, gentle homogenization to intensive dispersal, a single mixer can perform several different processing functions.
  • Precision premixing - Meticulously blend expensive, active ingredients together before homogenizing them with bulk materials.
  • Cleaning and compliance made easy - Our food-grade mixers are designed free of dead space and with large, ergonomic doors that give you full access to the mixing chamber. Proprietary ComDisc® technology leaves virtually no product behind in the mixer.

Applications for nutraceutical production

Food-grade protein powder mixer

Necessary liquid and fatty additives within protein powders can cause unsightly lumps and adhesion in the product. The amixon® COM mixer achieves homogeneous powder blends with excellent flowability. Liquid and viscous contents are evenly distributed through a top-mounted spray nozzle while the helical ribbon blades intensively deagglomerate the protein powder.


Precise multivitamin blends

Vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements are often composed of extremely precise recipes with exact amounts of active ingredients. The EM small-batch drum mixer makes it possible to meticulously fine tune the mixing process to achieve highly precise and homogeneous batches of your most valuable ingredients.


Pre-mix active ingredients

Perform diverse processing steps all within one machine. Nutraceutical production processes consisting of multiple steps can take place sequentially within the HM twin-shaft mixer. First premix value-adding ingredients on the intensive deagglomeration setting to achieve a uniform blend; then add in bulk materials for homogenization, coating, and/or liquid dispersion.