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Gyraton® mixer type GM

Gyraton® mixer with 70m3 useful capacity. The mixing chamber can be conveniently walked into.

amixon® Gyraton® mixer for large batches

This large-volume mixer is a new development. It requires only low electrical connected loads. It mixes accurately, effectively and very gently. Gyraton® mixers are also particularly cost-effective because they require very little installation space. The properties of the mixing goods are irrelevant. Even moist or poorly flowing materials (time-solidifying materials) are homogenized.

The function is similar to all other amixon® mixers. But the specific energy input is lower with the Gyraton® mixer. The mixer spiral rotates slowly and conveys the mixed materials upwards. It always touches only a part of the mixing chamber wall. In addition to rotation, the mixer shaft performs a circular path above the mixing chamber floor. The pivot point of the shaft lies in the plane of the gas-tight shaft seal. The entire cylinder surface is tangent to the mixing element spiral. This also applies to the bottom. Mixing takes place without dead space because the base is designed as a calotte. The lower mixing unit arm has the same curvature as the calotte shell.

The mixer shaft is only supported and driven at the top. The shaft sealing is permanently hygienic and gas-tight. The unit shown here can homogenize 70 m³ of mix. This is the content of a 40-foot deep-sea container. This mixer design requires very little installation space.

The mixer can optionally have one or more discharge nozzles.

The advantages that a Gyraton® mixer offers, are exactly the reasons why amixon® has developed this type of mixer:

  • Gyraton® mixers work particularly effectively with low motor power and homogenize your mixed materials especially gently.
  • very low space requirement, due to the compact design. Most often, high-capacity mixers are located inside the building. Other large mixers have an upright conical mixing chamber. Such large conical mixers also have good mixing characteristics, but they require approximately three times the building height.

    To build a production hall correspondingly high is expensive. In addition, it is also permanently expensive if all your mixing goods have to be conveyed three times higher to reach the mixing chamber (large vertical conveyor and permanently higher operating costs).
  • Gyraton® mixers are designed in such a way that they can be transported lying on a low-loader truck, if possible. They are delivered ready-assembled. The height of the low-loader truck including freight is usually less than 4 meters. Freeway bridges can then be passed without difficulty within Europe.
  • Gyraton® mixers have large inspection doors. They can be conveniently inspected and cleaned. One can walk into the Gyraton® mixers, they can be cleaned wet or dry if desired.
  • There is no bearing or shaft seal in the product holdup. Only a shaft seal is present; this is located above the mix. However, this only seals against dust and gas and has an extremely long service life.
  • Gyraton® mixers can be equipped with one or with many discharge fittings. When large-volume homogenization of the mixed goods has taken place, it may be that the goods need to be quickly filled into containers, big bags, sacks or bags. This can be accelerated if there are several filling stations at the mixer.

In the amixon® pilot plant, such a Gyraton® mixer is available for tests. The usable volume is 3 m³. From the measurement data that amixon® obtains during the mixing test, we can calculate very accurate design data for larger Gyraton® mixers.

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