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amixon® vertical mixers are suitable for a wide range of mixing tasks in the animal nutrition industry. amixon® offers mixing solutions for both robust feed blends in livestock feed as well as highly precise mixing of active ingredients, vitamins and nutrients for medicines and nutritional supplements.

  • Molassing of livestock feed and addition of liquid components such as lysine, soybean oil, etc. to powder blends with without clumping. Short mixing times and low energy input assure that the mix remains cold and pourable.
  • Blending of fragile components such as petals, flakes and leaves for specialty feed. Particularly gentle homogenization prevents the breaking of the ingredients.
  • Contaminant-free addition of active ingredients for veterinary and nutritional supplements, manually or automatically

Applications in the feed industry:

  • Animal nutrition, pet food, food for rodents
  • Pellets, compressed and extruded goods, sticks
  • Cereals, seeds
  • Mineral feed, lick stone mixes
  • Flakes, herbs, petals, leaves
  • Litter, bedding
  • Insects, shellfish
  • Veterinary medicine, tablets