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Theory, Practice and Know-how

Patent of the engineer Bernhard Ruberg from Paderborn
[Translate to English:] CO2 Footprint und Erderwärmung
Metal powder homogeneously composed
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This 4 m³ amixon® twin-shaft mixer is equipped with a particularly large discharge device.
This ferment hardens in the fermenter-reactor to a plastified mass.
The good taste is the result of the combination of essential oils, flavors, antioxidants, colorants, vitamins and minerals. Sometimes spice flavors are added.
The amixon® stand has four service levels for the operator.
All the ingredients of an instant hot meal are conditioned to release their best possible flavor simultaneously a few minutes after adding water. High quality instant ready to eat meals have both an appetizing appearance and a stimulating smell. All ingredients are not only sufficiently cooked, but also create a pleasant mouthfeel.