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Spice mixer machines

Prized for their medicinal and flavorful properties, spices were among the first goods ever to be processed for mass distribution. Dating back to 2000 BCE, the global demand for spices is responsible for establishing the first international trade routes and the development of early methods of food preservation and bulk handling.

Today, spice manufacturers have access to processing machinery that makes it easier than ever to distribute fragrant spices, herbs, and seasonings around the world. But in addition to sourcing the finest raw ingredients, high-quality spice production requires top-of-the-line equipment that ensures that blends retain their flavors, textures, and colors.

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Mixing equipment for spice manufacturers

Mixing technologist amixon® engineers customized mixers and dryers for commercial spices, herbs, and seasoning products. 

Spice mixer machines by amixon® achieve ideal blend uniformity in short mix cycles and adhere to the most demanding global food safety standards – all without compromising on the flavor or appearance of the spice products.

amixon®commercial spice mixers, herb processing equipment, and spice dryer machines can be engineered to perform to your exact specifications

With global testing centers located in Germany, the United States, India, Thailand, and Japan, our engineers collaborate with you to develop a spice mixer machine tailored to your needs, your ingredients, your batch size requirements, and your production facilities.

Dry spice mixing

amixon® dry spice mixers gently yet thoroughly homogenize dry and powdery ingredients at filling levels ranging from 10% to 100% to create uniform batches that are dustless, free-flowing, and easy to package.

In addition to gentle homogenization performed at low energy output, the same spice mixing equipment can first be used to evenly distribute high-viscosity liquid components such as oil, fat, lecithin, extracts, and syrup into your spice mixtures. By intensively deagglomerating these liquids in combination with salt, dextrose, or grain derivatives, the resulting premixture can then be gently blended into the dry spice or seasoning mix. This homogenization process requires only a few seconds.

Ingredients processed in these spice blender machines can then be immediately packaged and sold in bulk by seasoning manufacturers. The spice mixtures might also be further refined with liquid aromas and preservatives before being added to meat products, marinades, masala and curry sauces, snack foods, canned food, ready-made meals, ketchup, or other condiments.

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Mixing, drying, and coating spice products

Industrial herb drying

Spice dryer machines are crucial to preserving the flavor and extending the shelf-life of products made from fresh herbs and spices. But drying herbs or spices with too much heat can cause flavor-loss and degrade their appearance.

Within the multifunctional Mixer-Dryers from amixon®, raw ingredients can be simultaneously dried and mixed in a vacuum, where less heat is required to evaporate their watery contents.

This gentle vacuum drying process protects the taste and texture of spices, herbs, and vegetable pieces while the adjustable mixing action produces a perfectly homogeneous blend.

Mixing spices in containers

The amixon® container mixer is the ideal device for the mixing and coating of spice mixtures. This applies in particular to "highly visible scatter spices" with expensive ingredients such as saffron, cardamom, cloves, vanilla or cinnamon.

The mixing spiral creates a three-dimensional flow in the mixing goods. This means that even liquid or fatty ingredients can be optimally distributed.

Container mixers can process different mixing jobs quickly.

Fragile particles of varying sizes

Seasoning blends and herb mixtures often contain a multitude of ingredients with wide-ranging particle sizes and textures. Furthermore, the liquid or fatty additives in meat rubs, instant soup powders, and other concentrated spice blends can cause unsightly lumps in an otherwise powdery product.

amixon®’s KoneSlid mixer was engineered precisely for this challenge in spice manufacturing. Operating with minimal energy output and at low rotational speeds, the KoneSlid spice mixer machine gently deagglomerates and homogenizes without pulverizing fragile ingredients. In this way, ingredients as dissimilar as dried herb flakes, salt crystals, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, spice powder, and seeds can all be mixed together while maintaining their distinct shapes and textures.