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amixon® mixers and dryers

Innovation and unique solutions

We are always on the lookout for a new, unique solution for you. Standard is not a benchmark for us. Each order is a new challenge – one of a kind.
Our solutions are sometimes unusual, but always effective, because each employee thinks a little beyond his or her area of experience. It is often the small, but decisive step beyond the usual that brings success.
We monitor the quality of each work step in the development and production of your machine. We make process and quality transparent.
See for yourself; you are cordially invited to visit our plant in Paderborn and take a look at our development and production process.

Consult with a processing expert

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amixon GmbH
Halberstaedter Strasse 55
33106 Paderborn
Telephone: +49-5251-688888-0

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