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Conical vertical dryer (AMT)

Ideal mixing quality, quick and gentle drying for moist and viscous materials at variable filling levels

A spiral mixing blade inside the vertical dryer initiates a three-dimensional flow of the mixing goods; conical designed mixing vessel enables powders to be discharged up to 100%. The conical vertical dryer is vacuum and pressure tight and heatable by steam, thermal oil or water. Fully temperature controlled: the mixing vessel, the mixing arms, the spiral blade.

The conical mixer dryer can be designed for compliance with FDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards to be used as a sterile mixer and reactor. It also meets EHEDG requirements.

Further characteristics of the conical vertical dryer and powder dryer

  • This jacketed and vacuum rated version is an ideal conical mixer, vertical dryer, and reactor.
  • Spiral tools, arms and shaft are jacketed and heated.
  • This vertical dryer guarantees quick and gentle drying results.
  • It can be used for moist powder, wet suspensions as well as liquids, paste and dough.
  • If the drying process requires deagglomeration, high speed cutting rotors may be installed.
  • The mixing device is driven from the top, using only a single top bearing.
  • The single-shaft mixer-dryer meets all industry standards for surface finish, including sanitary and pharmaceutical requirements, and requires a very small space.

Learn more about the vacuum drying process, its advantages, and its common applications. 

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