Mixing machines for every industry

Powder mixing machines play a decisive role in countless industries. In most any facilities where bulk solids are processed, mixing constitutes a crucial production step.

According to the branch, this also includes the accompanying processes such as deagglomeration, agglomeration, coating, synthesis reaction and vacuum drying.

For nearly four decades, amixon® has been engineering, testing, customizing and manufacturing powder mixing equipment for market leaders in manufacturing industries across the globe. From pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals, from ready-made meals to fine spices and seasonings, from chemical processing to animal feed, amixon® mixers find application in the creation of a wide range of products.

No matter your industry, amixon® has a high-performance mixing solution for your needs. From achieving high production output, to meeting demanding regulatory requirements, to ensuring precise blend uniformity from batch to batch, our industry expertise can help you rise to the challenge.

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amixon® mixers are used in the following industries...