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Here amixon® explains that the appearance and behavior of the individual particles can be changed depending on the type of mixing process.

Powder mixing and accompanying procedures

The "powder mixing" process technology is always coupled with a wide variety of side effects. This can be seen if you look at individual mix particles microscopically. Sometimes the side effects are desired, sometimes undesired. The accompanying operations/side effects are called different names in some industries, although the basic physical operation is identical. The design of the mixing system and the mode of operation determine the type of side effects. amixon® manufactures a wide variety of vertical precision powder mixers for virtually all industries. amixon® has ideal opportunities to induce or eliminate the side effects desired by the customer.

amixon® manufactures a unique portfolio of diverse precision mixers/ vacuum mixer-dryers and synthesis reactors. Over 30 amixon® apparatuses are available for testing. Across industries, amixon® process apparatuses achieve top performance - worldwide!

amixon® Info Cube

Basic process powder mixing

Powder mixing is a basic operation that has been practiced since time immemorial. Powder mixing tends to be onsidered a trivial procedure. However, if you take a closer look, you can see that many accompanying effects take place simultaneously and even in opposite directions during powder mixing, such as deagglomeration wetting, coating, segregation, build-up granulation (agglomeration), dehumidification (drying). A chemical reaction or a crystallization can also take place.

The process objectives on the info cube have different significance for the respective industries: In the pharmaceutical industry, active ingredient synthesis and vacuum drying are of great importance. Trituration and agglomeration are important in solid galenics. In the food industry, flexibility and hygiene are important, but in particular, the mixing process should be performed in a specifically gentle manner. In the fine chemistry and plastics industry, dead-space-free synthesis reaction is important. Nanoparticles often serve as coating substances and must completely coat the particles of the active ingredient.

Some procedures are batch-based, others are continuous. However, all mixer types of the amixon® manufacturing range are applied across all industries.

Process parameters and preparation steps

At the end of a mixing process, the result should be a homogeneous powder mixture that meets the expectations. With the help of the process parameters named below, the targeted processing step can be navigated:

  • Material composition/recipe
  • promoting or avoiding particulate interactions (chemical, physical)
  • particle sizes
  • temperature
  • presence of liquid substances
  • method of liquid injection
  • pressure level
  • type of flow generation
  • sequence and timing for the addition of ingredients
  • turbulence intensity of mixing
  • mixing time
  • .... many more


KoneSlid® Blender Model KS. This type of cone blender has special properties with regard to a) minimum energy input and b) complete emptying: Technically ideal mixing qualities are achieved within a few seconds. The particles are mostly not damaged or changed.

KoneSlid® Mixer

Powder blending and accompanying processes are important topics in the production of pharmaceuticals, nutrients, active chemical ingredients and high-performance materials. With trials in the amixon® technical center, we make valuable contributions to your problem solutions.

amixon® can help you save time and money. Forty years ago we started to manufacture vertical spiral mixers. Since then, we have established amixon® helical mixers with vertical mixer shafts in almost every industry. amixon® is a trendsetter in this sector. In addition, amixon® process machines are trendsetters in the following areas

  • ideal mixing qualities
  • gentle mixing
  • residue-free emptying
  • trend-setting sanitary design

Complete discharge takes place in just a few seconds.

In the KoneSlid® mixer, ideal mixing qualities are achieved very quickly. Then the conically shaped closure element moves downward. Within a few seconds, free-flowing mixes are completely discharged. The degree of discharge is almost 100 %.

This outlet closure functions permanently gas-tight. It can also function as a dosing device. Tests in the amixon® test center explain many details better than written text.

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