Illustration 1: <span class="jlqj4b">The
amixon® inspection door for optimal access and simplified cleaning</span>.


Illustration 1: The amixon® inspection door for optimal access and simplified cleaning.

<p>Innovative inspection door for ergonomically convenient access to the interior of the mixer.<br></p>

Innovative inspection door for ergonomically convenient access to the interior of the mixer.

<p>Easier inspection and cleaning with amixon® inspection door.<br></p>

Easier inspection and cleaning with amixon® inspection door.

To what extent do you consider large inspection doors and easy-to-use door latches important when it comes to ergonomics, work safety and hygiene?

In fact, powder mixer inspection doors are used a lot. For every inspection, for every cleaning. First of all, it is important that the inspection doors can never open by themselves. This is perfectly achieved with the KwickKlamp® lock system shown above. The larger the inspection door, the more convenient it is to access and view the mixing chamber. Large amixon® mixers can even be entered standing upright.

a) KwickKlamp® lock system
b) Groove with back arch for the seal
c) Inspection door closed - without dead space
d) Inspection door in the transition area from cylinder to cone

Those interested in amixon® often ask the following questions

What is meant by the statement "dead space free design"?

The unique feature of an amixon® inspection door is that the inspection door closes with virtually no dead space. When closed, the seal nestles into the contour between the mixing chamber and the inspection door - very close to the mix. There are practically no gaps that can be penetrated by powder. See Illustration C. This is the highest standard of hygiene.

Are the doors really permanently dustproof and watertight?

The mixing chamber and the doors are very precisely manufactured and very dimensionally stable. Yes, the doors are permanently gas-tight and watertight, even if they are opened/closed frequently. This results from the toggle mechanism.

Can the door lock of the amixon mixer open unintentionally?

The KwickKlamp® door latch can never open by itself. It closes "self-locking". Self-locking means that the lever can never be pushed open from the load side, but that opening and closing from the operator side is easy and convenient. The handling of the KwickKlamp® door latch is particularly ergonomic.

Are the inspection doors really permanently tight?

The inspection doors have a groove that actually has a small rear arch (b). The round seal fills the groove 100%. The contact pressure of the KwickKlamp® is individually adjustable.

How frequently does the seal need to be changed and how time-consuming is it to change the seal?

Often the same seals are used for many years. It is very easy to change such a seal. amixon® provides instructions so that every customer can change the seal by themselves.

How expensive is such a seal?

The seal itself is an inexpensive metre product. Nevertheless, it is food-safe.

If the mixer is wet cleaned, does the seal have to be changed?

The vast majority of our customers do not change the seal after wet cleaning.

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