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amixon® industrial food mixers for dry ingredients

Optimize your mixing results, flavor profile, and productivity with a single machine.

For over 35 years, amixon® has been creating and customizing advanced mixing solutions for global market leaders in the food processing industry.

Tasked with highly ambitious industrial food mixing projects, our engineers have outfitted clients around the world with high-performance mixing equipment that brings delicious and hygienic food products to market while simultaneously simplifying production processes.

amixon® industrial food mixers are used to create:

  • Instant soups, sauces, desserts, and beverages
  • Baking mixtures and leavening agents
  • Seasoning and spice blends
  • Baby food and infant formula
  • Vitamins, nutritional shakes, and supplements
  • and more!

Mixing results you can taste 

amixon® industrial food mixers are tailored to your specific ingredients and product standards so that you can achieve the best tasting results with every batch. Our engineers collaborate with you to customize our industrial mixing machines according to your unique recipes. 

  • Retain desired particle sizes and texture – Even fragile, irregularly-sized components like dehydrated vegetables are uniformly distributed without breaking or segregating.

  • Intensive moistening – Evenly disperse fats through powdery ingredients without clumping or adhesion.

  • Minimal heat exposure – Ingredients absorb virtually no heat from the mixing action and retain their full taste profile.

  • Seamlessly blend additives – Introduce probiotics, micronutrients, or ionization to improve the health benefits of your products without impacting taste.

Food production – made simpler

Each and every part in our industrial food mixers is manufactured at our facility in Paderborn, Germany by amixon® engineers. Our painstaking dedication to the details empowers us to create equipment that continually raises the bar for food processing worldwide.

  • 99.997% discharge yields – Don’t leave any expensive, value-adding ingredients behind after mixing.

  • Diminished segregation – Quickly and effortlessly transfer the mixture from the machine with virtually no dust creation or de-mixing.

  • Easy cleaning and drying – Optimal accessibility to the mixing chamber dramatically reduces cleaning and drying times between recipes.

  • Compliance on a global scale – Our industrial food mixers can be manufactured for compliance with FDA, EHEDG, GMP, 3-A Sanitary Standards, and USDA regulations.

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