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Excursus: HM twin-shaft mixer for preparing baking powder powder

amixon® powder mixer with 2 m³ usable volume. Designed for particularly fast and gentle preparation of baking agents.

The powders in a baking agent are usually dusty and finely dispersed. The powdery baking mix components have different affinities towards the liquid phase. Some powders absorb a present liquid very quickly. Other powders allow the liquid to bead up on them. Still others want to coat liquid droplets.

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    A baking agent recipe can contain 40 or more different powders and liquids. Almost all of them behave differently. Some liquids are highly viscous others are low viscous.

    Comment and question from a customer: It is sometimes complicated to achieve agglomerate-free wetting and at the same time ensure that the mixture remains cold and free-flowing. Liquid admixtures should be homogeneously mixed in the powder. Any agglomerates that form should be crushed. But the mixing tools should only introduce a small amount of energy into the mixture. The mixture should not heat up. How are such conflicting goals solved?

    Answer from amixon®: amixon has solved such problems excellently hundreds of times: The mixing system shown above incorporates the entire process spectrum; from extremely gentle mixing - with minimum energy input - to intensive dispersing mixing - with maximum efficiency. Even the filling levels can vary.

    This is how the procedure could take place:

    1. robust, powdery components are first poured into the mixer and are mixed.
    2. then the liquid components are added in measured doses and mixed in intensively.
    3. then the mixer stops
    4. other powder components are added. Then the mixing tools and the agitators start. 5. the added powders coat the wetted particles.
    5. other liquids are added.

    In this way, very small agglomerates can be built up layer by layer, which behave like fine free-flowing powders. 

    If you would like to learn about a continuous method of agglomeration, then please read here.

    Functionality of the HM twin-shaft mixer during baking powder preparation More information on the HM twin-shaft mixer

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