Sterilizing spices, tea, cocoa, & grain derivatives

Mixing task and advantages when using the vacuum dryer type VMT

Mixing task: Natural products can be contaminated by unwanted germs. These microorganisms have to be deactivated by thermo-pneumatic processes. 

Heating, wetting, drying and cooling are carried out in the amixon® sterile reactor and vacuum dryer. By processing in the amixon® apparatus, the number of bacteria can be reduced by several orders of magnitude. The product is readily mixable and dispersible with liquid, free of lumps, free-flowing and easy to pack.


  • Can reduce the microbial count by several orders of magnitude
  • The mixture particles are minimally stressed
  • Prevents clumping of powdered products
  • Retains pourability, easy to pack

Learn more about the vacuum drying process, its advantages, and its common applications. 

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