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Powder mixers for Completed baking mixes for end-consumers

Mixing task and advantages of working with the single shaft mixer type VM

Mixing task: Basic ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt, starch, egg powder, flavorings, oils, extracts, fat, etc. are thoroughly mixed. The mixture may also contain fragile ingredients such as dried fruit, chocolate chips, coconut chips, nuts, corn flakes, etc., if required.

The same amixon® mixer can gently homogenise, or, at a higher energy input, intensively deagglomerate. The mixers can empty themselves to a high degree up to 99.99%.

The mixture is:

  • ideal homogen
  • perfectly homogeneous
  • free flowing; almost without dust
  • not impacted by heat from the mixing action, easy to pack
  • low in adhesion
  • coarse pieces and fruits look natural, fresh, undamaged
  • mixing time is very short
  • mixing and discharging can take place in a protective gas atmosphere

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