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Vertical amixon® twin-shaft mixer for 8 m³ batches

Vertical amixon® twin-shaft mixer for 8 m³ batches

Powder mixers for completed baking mixes for end-consumers

Powdery raw materials such as flour, sugar, salt, starch, egg powder, whey powder and stabilizers are precisely dosed and homogeneously mixed. This is done in batches of 2 to 4 m³. Small quantities of liquid additives are often mixed in. These are liquid flavors, oils, enzymes, lecithins, baking extracts and fats.

Baked goods should not only taste good. They must always turn out well - even after long periods of storage. This makes the development of a ready-made baking mix complex and time-consuming. The raw materials must be specified very precisely. Many raw materials are refined or conditioned beforehand. Some flours are heat-treated beforehand, powdered flavors are coated, sugar is ground, starch is coated, .....

The mixing process must be precisely adjusted to the recipe. The powder compound must be homogeneous, free of agglomerates and low in dust.  The mixing process is followed by the filling process. The powder mixture must remain cold during the entire production process. This is the only way to ensure that the ready-made baking mix has a long shelf life and does not clump together in the packaging.

Because the quality feature of ready-made baking mixes is the unconditional "guaranteed success".

    The raising agents must be protected

    It is crucial that the raising agents, which loosen the dough by forming bubbles (usually carbon dioxide), remain effective for a long time in the powdery ready-mix. This can be dry yeast or freeze-dried sourdough. Usually this involves sodium hydrogen carbonate or potassium hydrogen carbonate. However, baking soda, cream of tartar, potash (for gingerbread), phosphates (for cake doughs) or deer horn salt (for dry pastries) can also be used. One effective method is to encase the particles with an inert substance.


    amixon® mixers ensure your quality. The finished mixture has the following properties:


    • The ready-mix has the highest mixing quality.
    • It is dust-free and free-flowing
    • The mixture remains cool during the mixing process
    • It is free-flowing and non-sticky
    1. The mixing time is very short.
    2. Coarse particles such as chocolate or nuts appear natural, fresh and undamaged.
    3. Mixing and dispensing can be carried out in an inert gas atmosphere.
    Vertical twin-shaft mixer from amixon®. The batch volume is 2 m³.

    Vertical twin-shaft mixer from amixon®. The batch volume is 2 m³.

    KoneSlid® mixer for 600 liter batches

    KoneSlid® mixer for 600 liter batches

    The production of the ready-made baking mix must be carried out thoroughly but gently.

    amixon® has more than 40 years of experience in this field. Vertical helical mixers are particularly suitable for such mixing tasks. They operate at low speeds. Their mixing efficiency is always equally good, regardless of the filling level of the mixing vessel. The gentle mixing process is of great importance for all types of instant products. The granulometry of the raw materials must be preserved. This prevents the risk of shear crystallization. Ready-made baking mixes produced in this way have a much longer shelf life.


    amixon® dominates with two top positions!


    • For batch sizes up to 3 m³: The KoneSlid® mixer from amixon® is an excellent mixing system.
    • For batch sizes from 3 m³ to 10 m³: A very good mixing system is the twin-shaft mixer from amixon®.

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