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Baking agent mixtures guarantee the success of baked products. The more natural they are, the broader is their acceptance by the consumer.

Classic bakery products and their relevance for the medium-sized bakery business

... from the point of view of a wholesale baker

Prepared bakery mixes as well as finished bakery products can be purchased from bakery product factories. Appropriate blending and filling facilities are installed there.

Bread and rolls

In the case of breads and rolls, the trend is moving steadily away from baking agents and towards pre-doughs, sourdoughs, pregelatinized, cooked or scalded doughs. This makes the breads tastier and more digestible. However, manufacturers of baking agents can help here as well. They already supply us with so-called instant swell and boil pieces. This saves us the time of soaking and preparation. Then we use the instant properties of the powders. Baking agent manufacturers develop great products and base the convenience level of the baking agent and baking mix on our manufacturing requirements.

Donuts & Bagels

In our opinion, donuts & bagels are typical factory products that we, as a bakery company, buy completely ready-made. Donuts are deep-fried, their preparation in hot fat must be accurate to the second. This can only be accomplished in a continuously operating baking line. The approach is similar for making shelf-stable breakfast pastries such as bagels. They are cooked in water before baking. With amixon® ring-layer mixing granulators, ready-to-bake flours can be wetted and agglomerated with low dust.

Cake bases, pastries and waffles

For cake bases, pastries and wafers, our goal is to handcraft more again in the future. We have continued to reduce baking agents. Here, the baking agent manufacturers have already reacted. They supply us with mono-components with high functionality. In this respect, we completely refrain from using preservatives.

Muesli bars, energy snacks, power bars

Muesli bars, energy snacks, power bars that are mixed from high-quality seeds and muesli ingredients require specific binders and must be mixed particularly gently. Ideally, the binder can be natural honey or modified starch or a glucose syrup or maltodextrin from starch saccharification. Unfortunately, as bread bakers and confectioners, we cannot make such products ourselves. In most cases cookie factories or muesli producers install appropriate mixing, forming, baking and packaging lines.

Thermally pretreated flours

Flours that have been thermally pretreated are rarely of relevance for us bakers. Only when a finely ground husk is added to the flour will the products be able to develop baking and frying aromas during toasting. Thin pastries such as nachos, bunoelos, tortilla chips, tacos, buritos, tortillas must be baked with pinpoint accuracy. These products are predestined for industrial production. In this respect, the doughs must have precisely defined ingredients. Here it is necessary to precisely adjust the enzyme contents in the flour and dough.

Ground sugar coated with fat

Ground sugar is coated with fat. In fact, every single particle is coated. Powdered sugar which has been treated in this way adheres well to the pastry, it does not melt until it is consumed and it improves the visual appearance of the pastry. As artisan bakers, we also use coated sugar, which some call "fresh snow" or "winter dream." Coated sugar is also important in industrial baking. The traditional German Stollen pastry, produced by the industry in the fall, should still look good during the Christmas season.

Puff pastry

To achieve puff pastry, the art of "laminating" is used. The dough is rolled out and folded again and again. But the dough itself is produced by classical kneading. Functional powder mixtures can also be obtained from baking agent suppliers for this purpose.

In my bakery, we still make all of our own puff pastry, fresh every day. Our nut puff pastry contains some yeast, our other puff pastries are without yeast. However, many varieties of puff pastry can also be prepared industrially. They are delivered chilled. This results in particularly uniform, tender pastries.

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