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This 4 m³ amixon® twin-shaft mixer is equipped with a particularly large discharge device.

This 4 m³ amixon® twin-shaft mixer is equipped with a particularly large discharge device. A batch cycle takes only 5 minutes (filling, mixing, discharge and closing the discharge fitting).

Feed mixer for milk replacement feed, milk replacer

Milk replacement feed is produced for calves, but also for other farm animals. Dry milk and whey powder are enriched with nutrient additives so that the young animal can be weaned earlier from the mother.

A milk replacer must be easily digestible for the young animal. Its formula is therefore adapted to the age and the stage of development of the digestive organs.

The mixing task is ambitious. The powdered milk derivatives must be gently homogenized so that they can be quickly dissolved in water by the user - as instant products. In particular, the nutrient additives must be finely distributed in the powder. In some cases, fats are also added to increase the energy content.

    An ideally conditioned milk replacer must essentially meet the following criteria:

    • The trace elements and vitamins must be ideally distributed. This is similar to the production of infant formula.
    • The fat must be ideally finely distributed.
    • The mixing process should be fast and gentle; the powder must remain cold, no heat toning should be detectable.
    • The powder should remain free-flowing .
    • The powder should not clump when stacked in a big bag, sack or pouch.
    • Atmospheric oxygen should optionally be replaced by inert gases in order to extend the shelf life. For more information on the topic of inerting, click here.
    • The powder can also be impregnated.
    • In this respect, the young animal should be quickly accustomed to normal feed and compound feed.

    amixon® mixers are particularly well suited for this mixing task. The mixers are designed in an outstandingly hygienic manner. The mixing process is carried out gently. Optionally, the mixer can be manufactured vacuum-proof.

    Mixing process in the amixon® twin shaft mixer. In the peripheral area of the mixing chamber, the upward flow is dominant. Inside the mixing chamber, the downward flow prevails. Shovel-shaped mixer elements realize the cross-flow of the mixing goods. In addition, high-speed rotating agitators can be installed. They realize the deagglomeration.

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