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Sanitary and food grade mixing equipment for food and beverage manufacturing

As the global population rapidly climbs, so does the need to improve industrial food manufacturingpractices in the name of worldwide food security. But under no circumstances can the growing demand for efficient food production lead to compromises on food safety.

amixon® industrial food mixers strike the perfect balance between performance, safety, and taste. Made in Germany from food grade materials, outfitted with hygienically optimized proprietary technology, and customized to the exact specifications of your product, amixon® food mixers and blenders offer state-of-the-art bulk material processing solutions for industrial food manufacturers.

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Sanitary mixers and food safety compliance

amixon®industrial food mixers are specially engineered to comply with even the most demanding food safety legislation and certification programs, including 3-A, ATEX, GMP, EHEDG, FDA, USDA, and more.

But beyond mere compliance, hygienic design is at the core of every amixon® food mixer and blender:

  • CleverCut® inspection doors eliminate deadspace and provide easy access to the mixing chamber, facilitating fast cleaning and drying between batches with CIP techniques.
  • Tilted SinConvex® mixing blades discourage the buildup of material fines and residue, increasing discharge yields and simplifying cleaning.
  • Vertically mounted agitator shafts are sealed only from the top, eliminating contact between the seal and the bulk materials.

With global testing centers located in Germany, the United States, India, Thailand, and Japan, our engineers collaborate with you to develop sanitary food mixers tailored to your product and compliance requirements, no matter which food safety regulatory body you answer to.

Dry ingredient mixers for food processing

amixon® food grade mixers are highly versatile machines suitable all sorts of dry, moist, and viscous food ingredients. They have adjustable mixing settings and are capable of performing a wide range of processing techniques needed in industrial food manufacturing.

From intensive deagglomeration to gentle homogenization, from tumble growth agglomeration to low-temperature vacuum drying, this wide range of applications have made amixon® mixing equipment indispensable to industrial food manufacturers of all kinds:

  • Instant soups and sauces – Complex recipes consisting of differently-sized and -shaped powdery components like dehydrated vegetables, spices, extracts, stabilizers, and enzymes are gently mixed for even distribution without segregation or particle size reduction.
  • Industrial baking mixes – Fats, oils, baking extracts, lecithins, and flavors are evenly dispersed through powdery ingredients via a spray nozzle, intensively moistening the mixture without clumping or adhesion.
  • Seasoning, herb, and spice blends – Fresh herbs and spices are dried under a vacuum to preserve flavor and extend shelf-life; seasoning blends consisting of diverse components are homogenously mixed without pulverizing fragile ingredients. Learn more.
  • Instant coffee, tea, and juice – Powdery particles can be agglomerated into uniform granules to increase porosity and improve handling characteristics.


Food grade mixer models

Conical food mixer

The AM conical mixer from amixon® is among the most versatile industrial food mixing machines on the market. The helical mixing tool quickly and expertly blends diverse food ingredients, from dry powders to wet suspensions, even pastes and doughs.

Capable of agglomerating, dispersing, coating, and homogenizing, the AM conical mixer performs a wide range of food processing functions and is designed for a rapid and complete discharge of 99.997%.


Sanitary twin-shaft mixer

The HM twin-shaft mixer is a sanitary food mixer model with dual mixing chambers. With ample room within the mixing chamber, many powdered active ingredients can be blended without adhesion: liquid lecithin, fats, baking and flavor extracts, shortening, oleoresins, etc.

With adjustable settings, food ingredients can be mixed alternately under a vacuum and at ambient pressure. The HM twin-shaft sanitary mixer is ideal for food products with active ingredients, like flour blends and baking mixes.


Food homogenizer

The KoneSlid® precision food homogenizer gently yet thoroughly mixes fragile and powdery ingredients in as little as 20 to 30 rotations. Equipped with an inverted conical bottom, the KS precision mixer creates a multidimensional flow and discharges food ingredients virtually without segregation.

The KS food homogenizer is exceptionally well-suited for challenging sanitary mixing applications, such as infant formula, baby food, milk powder, muesli, and instant beverages.