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If the goal is to produce ideal mixing qualities, it can be assumed that this task can be accomplished by almost all mixers on the market. If, however, a complete discharge of the mixed material is also required, the selection of suitable mixers is significantly smaller.

amixon® has now developed the solution for these high demands: The device is called "ComDisc®", based on the term "complete discharge" and is a new type of system that ensures the discharge of the mixing goods up to 99.997% and more. The principle: The agile ComDisc® discharge system is attached to the lower mixer arm of the amixon® mixer. During mixing, the system turns into the flow shadow and swings backwards. As the level of filling decreases, the ComDisc® elements turn in the direction of rotation and gently scrape the remaining mixing goods towards the outlet. The floor is not touched by the device.

In combination with SinConvex® technology, the mixer can be virtually completely emptied. The mixing goods are discharged without segregation, cleaning times are reduced and raw material can be saved. The whole production process becomes more hygienic and efficient. There are virtually no remains that cannot be further processed or sold.

However, the advantages of ComDisc® are not only applicable to new mixers. Existing amixon® devices can also be retrofitted with the efficient solution.

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