Sterile mixer for customized flour blends for industrial bakeries

Mixing task and advantages of working with the twin shaft mixer type HM

Mixing task: Many powdered active ingredients can be involved. Large quantities of liquid lecithins, fats, baking extracts, shortenings, oleoresins, flavorings, etc. can be part of the recipe. In addition, a change from vacuum to ambient pressure or back can be applied optionally.

With amixon® mixers, technically ideal mixing qualities are achieved that are virtually impossible to improve. This applies to almost all dry, wet and wet goods. amixon® devices comply with the current hygiene guidelines. They are EHEDG, GMP and FDA compliant.

The mixture is:

  • perfectly homogeneous
  • without agglomerates
  • dust free
  • not impacted by heat from the mixing action, easy to pack
  • low in adhesion
  • enhanced via N2 or CO2 as an aid to maintain freshness and long shelf life

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