Fat coating of decorating sugar

Mixing task and advantages of working with the single shaft mixer type VM

Mixing task: Fine milled sugar is fully coated by fat. This way, it does not melt even if spread on hot pastries and cakes. The appearance of the powdered sugar is very close to that of fresh snow.

After processing in the amixon® apparatus, each particle is coated with fat. amixon® powder mixers and dryers can be cleaned antibacterially: ergonomically comfortable, manual, automatic, dry or wet. Hygiene highlights are the CleverCut® doors.

Advantages: Each particle is coated with fat.
The mixture is:

  • hydrophobic
  • dust free, easy to pack
  • free flowing
  • doses easily
  • not impacted by heat from the mixing action
  • low in adhesion
  • looks identical to decorating sugar