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Fat coating of decorating sugar

Mixing task and advantages of working with the single shaft mixer type VM

The substances used for the coating are optionally:

powder with very small particle size (nanopowder)

  • high-melting fats
  • solids dissolved in liquid
  • powders suspended in liquid
  • polymers dissolved in solvent
  • varnishes

Mixing task: Fine milled sugar is fully coated by fat. This way, it does not melt even if spread on hot pastries and cakes. The appearance of the powdered sugar is very close to that of fresh snow.

After processing in the amixon® apparatus, each particle is coated with fat. amixon® powder mixers and dryers can be cleaned antibacterially: ergonomically comfortable, manual, automatic, dry or wet. Hygiene highlights are the CleverCut® doors .

Advantages: Each particle is coated with fat.
The mixture is:

  • hydrophobic
  • dust free, easy to pack
  • free flowing
  • doses easily
  • not impacted by heat from the mixing action
  • low in adhesion
  • looks identical to decorating sugar

    Sometimes powder particles need to be protected from external influences. Or the environment should be protected from the particles. Salt with a fat coating, for example, is often used to decorate fresh fish in the sales counter. Only when the salt is heated in the pan/boiling pot should it melt. Powdered sugar with a fat coating is used to decorate Christmas cookies. If the sugar were not coated, it would melt due to the moisture from the pastry. Fine soft iron particles are coated with varnish and then pressed into a magnet. All iron particles are surrounded with an electrical insulation layer. Powdered drugs are coated to create a retarding effect. Spices can be coated to preserve flavors and essential oils.

    Almost all dispersible goods, in exceptional cases even liquid droplets, can be coated. The substances used for coating are optionally:

    • powder with very small particle size (nanopowder)
    • high-melting fats
    • solids dissolved in liquid
    • varnishes

    Almost all powders can be coated in amixon® mixers/ vacuum dryers/ synthesis reactors

    Depending on the type of coating, completely different mixing processes must take place. The intensity of the mixing process is coupled to temperature curves. In most cases, the temperature curve is the most important parameter. The mixing process can be coupled with vacuum and overpressure. It can take place continuously or discontinuously.

    Similar to agglomeration processes, coating processes are only simple in rare cases. As a rule, many tests must be completed in order to a) determine the suitable mixing systems, b) optimize the process parameters, c) anticipate market opportunities and d) estimate the economic benefits.

    amixon® has more than 30process devicesavailable in its own test center. Based on fourty years of experience, we can provide our customers with helpful support in product and process development. We invite you to contact us and use our test facilities. In any case, we assure you great gain in know-how in advance. amixon® is a trendsetter in many sectors, especially when it comes to efficiency and hygiene. The amixon® team is looking forward to your visit.

    The interpretation of test results sometimes unfolds many different opinions. This makes it all the more important to record data carefully. amixon® records all important process data electronically.

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