Using a vacuum dryer to toast flour and deactivate enzymes

Mixing task and advantages of working with the mix-dryer and reactor type VMT

Mixing task: In order to operate baking lines completely automatically, the cereal flour must be standardized with the help of thermal treatment. Heating, mixing, drying and cooling of the flour takes place in a different or in the same mixer. 

Heating, mixing, drying and cooling can take place in one and the same amixon® mixer. After the flours have been added to the stationary mixer, the patented SinConvex® mixing tool starts. Optionally, liquid additives are added by using a two- component nozzle. The mixing chamber is heated, the vapor is removed. If necessary, the mix is flooded with dry gases.

Advantages: The toasted flour has particularly good “instant properties”. Excess water content is evaporated quickly and effectively.
The powder is:

  • free flowing, easy to pack
  • free of lumps
  • optionally, the flour has a roasted flavor
  • mixes and disperses well with liquid

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