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amixon® AM 2000 conical mixer and, on the left, a washing-in-place unit.

High precision powder mixer with conical floor

Conical screw blender for hygienic processing of dietetic foods, baby foods and pharmaceutical products.


Properties that are recognisable at first glance:

  • Efficiency gain through more flexibility:
  • shorter mixing times,
  • almost 100 % discharge of the mixed materials,
  • ergonomic - large inspection doors,
  • extremely varying filling degrees,
  • excellent homogeneity that can practically no longer be improved.

The mixing vessel is designed as an upright cone with cylinder. In the centre of the mixing chamber, the SinConvex® mixing tool rotates and creates a complete mixing of the products. The helix conveys the mixing material from the bottom to the top. Once at the top, the mix flows down the centre of the hopper. Dry, moist or suspended goods are optimally mixed in the form of a classic shear flow at low rotational frequency, irrespective of different particle sizes, bulk densities and flow properties.

The mixing process essentially takes place in the boundary areas between the two macro flows. 1) Upward movement of the mixed material in the periphery, 2) Downward movement of the mixed material in the centre. Due to the dead space-free flow, technically ideal mixing qualities are produced after approx. 70 to 200 revolutions, which can no longer be improved in practice. Due to the conical design, the bulk solids are discharged without segregation when the mixing elements rotate slowly - in the case of free-flowing materials, right down to the last residue.

Optimum mixing quality at different filling levels from approx. 5% to 100%, particularly high residual discharge levels of up to 99.99% and exemplary inspection possibilities through CleverCut® inspection doors. These are the key success factors of the amixon® conical mixer. amixon® mixers comply with the specifications of the EHEDG and the FDA and thus meet the highest requirements for the hygienic preparation of dietetic food, baby food and pharmaceuticals. In addition, amixon meets all the requirements of GMP standards.

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