High precision powder mixer with conical floor

The real innovation of the amixon® AM-type mixer does not only lie in the conical floor, but also in the innovative SinConvex®-mixing tool. The design allows ideal mixture qualities to be achieved even from a filling level of just 5 percent. The upward screwing of the mixture takes place forcibly by means of the helical spring mixing tool, while the downward flow takes place naturally due to the effect of gravity. The changing of places within the particle system takes place at the interfaces in between. The flow effect takes place in the same way, independently of the filling level.

All amixon® mixers bear superb hygiene characteristics: the machines can be used as sterile mixers in compliance with FDA regulations. They also fulfil EHEDG requirements and the 3a Sanitary Standards. amixon® ensures comfortable accessibility and a view inside the mixing chamber by means of its generously sized inspection doors. Hence, manual dry cleaning can be carried out quickly and reliably. The inspection door is manufactured using the CleverCut® process. The o-ring seal inserted in the groove seals gastight and dust-tight very close to the product.

This door seal is suitable even for automatic wet cleaning, since it seals practically without dead spaces. Joints and capillary are avoided to a large extent. As such the subsequent drying process also takes place reliably and quickly. All parts that come into contact with product are welded joint-free and polished if desired. The polishing or surface qualities of the product-wetted parts are implemented according to the respective customer specification. amixon® documents the FDA conformity of all polymer materials and fulfils the current EHEDG specifications for both dry and wet operation.

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