All-rounder for small and large batches as well as ideal mixing qualities. The powder mixer AM 1500.

All-rounder for small and large batches as well as ideal mixing qualities. The powder mixer AM 1500.

FAQ: All-rounder for small and large batches and ideal mixing qualities?

amixon® conical mixer 1500 - universally usable powder mixer

The working volume of the conical mixer shown above can vary from approx. 100 liters to 1500 liters. The mixing chamber is approx. 33 % larger. Hundreds of mixing companies have confirmed, based on more than 2000 different recipes, that this amixon® conical mixer mixes quickly and ideally accurately, regardless of the properties of the powders.

Characteristics can be

  • differing bulk densities
  • differing particle sizes
  • finely dispersed
  • lumpy moist
  • dry
  • agglomerated
  • wet
  • suspended
  • adherent
  • shooting

Our customers place orders of various sizes with us. We want to be able to mix large batches of 1t but also very small batches of 100 liters with the same mixer. Sometimes, for example, the filling level is only 13%. But the mixing quality must always be uncompromisingly good. What type of powder mixer would you recommend?

In your case, we would recommend the AM conical mixer. The mixer guarantees the highest mixing quality with maximum differing filling degrees. This is exactly the feature that justifies the existence of this conical mixer. No other mixer type can cover such a wide range of applications.

Most of our mixing orders include the specification to use a high-speed agitator to ensure that any existing lumps or agglomerates are deagglomerated. Does this requirement reduce the application range of the mixer?

Your comment is very important. Yes, this is the case. The requirement "use of an agitator" results in a higher minimum filling level in the mixer. High speed rotating aggregates can only achieve good effects if they act below the product level.

Please have a look at the sketch above. Simplified you see different sized conical mixers. Sketched in red is the smallest, sketched in yellow is the largest. Common to all of them is the constant position of the agitator. You can therefore see that the minimum filling level remains the same even if the amixon mixer itself is chosen to be larger. This is the reason why we cannot give the minimum filling degree in % of the maximum volume when an agitator is installed. The range of applications for conical mixers increases with the size selected.

amixon® recommends: In order to define a minimum filling level of your future mixer, mixing tests should be scheduled at the amixon® test center.
Based on the tests, 4 important questions can be answered:

  1. which type of agitator has the best effect?
  2. which rotational frequency has the best effect?
  3. what drive power should be applied?
  4. how many centimeters of mix should there be at least above the agitator?

Explanation: Other names for agitators are, for example, high-shear blade, cutting rotor, chopper, mixing accelerator, disagglomerator, chopper, cutter head, mixing turbine, hexler, ...

If you have any questions regarding test runs, please read  "amixon® showroom in Paderborn; two pilot plants are located next door".

Are there any other reasons to choose a conical mixer from amixon®?

Yes, indeed. There are other valid reasons to choose an amixon® conical mixer.

  1. excellent discharge of residues when the mixing goods are sufficiently free-flowing.
  2. excellent accessibility with the aid of one or more hygienically designed inspection doors.
  3. highest hygienic standards. Very easy cleaning; whether dry, wet or damp, manual or automatic.
  4. particularly stable construction and a long service life
  5. amixon® mixers are permanently gas-tight. This applies equally to dust.
  6. amixon® provides excellent service worldwide.