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Dosing and mixing device. The spiral mixing tool rearranges the mixing materials three-dimensionally, without any dead space.

amixon® conical mixer mixes either continuously or batchwise

Also suitable for continuous operation: the mixing plant in vertical design

The ceramic refractory materials are produced with the highest mixing quality. A dosing system is available for each of the five different components. The entire plant stands on load cells that provide the control signals for the product flow.

In contrast to conventional continuous mixers, with the amixon® AMK mixer, there is no product loss at the start of the mixing campaign, according to amixon®. During the mixing process, the dosing units orient themselves to the quantity of the main components. The system constantly corrects itself down to tolerable deviations that are not registered in the finished mixture. The mixing principle is a continuous boiler flow. For mixing complex special formulations, the apparatus can also be operated in batches. A batch mixing process in the 10,000-liter vessel takes about four to six minutes. The ready-for-sale material can be filled directly into silo trucks. Ideal mixing qualities are achieved at permissible filling levels of 20% to 100%, so that even smaller mixing jobs can be produced with high quality and reproducibility.

In the case of frequently changing batches, complete emptying is particularly important in order to avoid carryover. The conical mixer discharges to within 0.001 percent. Installed air nozzles are actuated in pulses with 6 bar compressed air and remove dust residues. Large inspection doors allow quick visual inspection.

    Producing refractory materials continuously

    This amixon® AMK 10 000 conical mixer rests on load cells. Used as a batch mixer, it can homogenize a maximum of 10 m³ of mixing goods. Ideal mixing qualities are achieved. The same unit operates mostly as a continuous mixer and effortlessly mixes 200 t/h and more.

    Mixing tests in the amixon® pilot plant are particularly convincing when high mixing qualities are required.

    Please feel free to use our technical center for experiments. Based on your requirements, we will arrange a suitable test setup. Here we can demonstrate the continuous mixing process with your genuine goods.

    amixon® conical mixer here as an example of a container mixer: Batch or continuously operating. A limited selection of continuously operating dosing systems is available in the technical center.

    Continuous intensive mixing, build-up granulation/ agglomeration

    An accompanying operation of mixing the agglomeration. Primary particles adhere to each other and form rounded large particles. This process is often called build-up granulation. In principle, build-up agglomeration can take place batchwise or continuously. This amixon® Ring-Layer Mixing Granulator can agglomerate powders very effectively. However, only in a continuous process. On request, we can perform this granulation process in the amixon® pilot plant.

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