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Theory, Practice and Know-how

Researching and producing pesticides is very expensive.
Today's crop protection products are highly effective and environmentally friendly.
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3 or 4 mounting claws are welded to the side of the mixing vessel.
A plant protection product is ready formulated. The active ingredients are coated several times. This doses the delivery of the active ingredient.[Translate to English:] Ein Pflanzenschutzmittel ist fertig formuliert. Die Wirkstoffe sind mehrfach umhüllt. Dadurch wird die Wirkstoffabgabe dosiert.

Stabilizers in the food industry are usually powdery, dry-appearing blended products. For handling reasons, they should be low in dust and free-flowing. The stabilizers should remain lump-free and free-flowing even after prolonged storage (e.g. on stacked pallets). Sometimes the powdery stabilizer mixtures contain many and,…