Mixing equipment for making cosmetics and hygiene products

Manufacturers of cosmetics and hygiene products operate in an industry that centers on helping customers feel their best. Cosmetic and hygiene products have an intimate impact on consumer self-esteem and well-being, building an emotional connection that can lead to life-long brand loyalty.

Industrial mixing equipment plays a crucial role in making cosmetics formulations that are safe, high-quality, consistent, and attractive – helping to win customers for life. Their unparalleled performance and precision has made amixon® mixers indispensable to leading cosmetics contract manufacturers and beauty brands worldwide.

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Mixer applications in cosmetic manufacturing

Mixers for cosmetics manufacturing

amixon® mixing machines are used wherever bulk dry ingredients are processed to create uniform blends. In cosmetic manufacturing, our mixing equipment is used to create the following products, among others:

    • Make-up powders – blush, foundation, highlighter, bronzer, eye shadow, etc.
    • Hygiene – baby powder, dry shampoo, deodorant powder, body powders, etc.
    • Pigment cosmetic premixes – for lipsticks, mascaras, etc.
    • Premixes for skincare formulas – for anti-aging creams, face lotions, masks and peels, etc.

High-performance equipment for making cosmetics

Powder-based cosmetics have a challenging job to fulfil: they need to be easy to apply and provide even, long-lasting coverage without feeling sticky or suffocating on the skin. They also must be shelf-stable and visually appealing, both within their containers and on the skin. They even need to smell good!

From the even distribution of color pigments to obtaining ideal product attributes, amixon® state-of-the-art mixing machines perform a wide range of processing functions that are crucial to the production of high-quality make-up, skincare, hygiene products.

With flexible settings, these cosmetic mixers allow you to fine-tune production on a batch-by-batch, product-by-product basis.

  • Flexible filling levels - Mix at filling levels from as little as 10 percent all the way to 100 percent

  • Adjustable processing settings - From agglomeration to coating, gentle homogenization to intensive dispersal, a single mixer can perform several different processing functions

  • Precision premixing - Expertly blend your most expensive, delicate ingredients together before evenly homogenizing them with bulk materials.

  • Simplified cleaning & compliance - Our cosmetic mixing equipment is designed in accordance with EHEDG, FDA, and GMP standards. They are free of dead space and equipped with large, ergonomic doors that give you full access to the mixing chamber. Proprietary ComDisc® technology leaves virtually no product behind in the mixer.

Cosmetic Powder Mixing Equipment

Highlights of our cosmetic manufacturing equipment

Multifunctional small batches

Small in size, gentle, and yet powerfully versatile, the EM Drum Mixer can be implemented to perform a wide range of powder processing functionalities.

This small but high-performance mixing machine can perform homogenization, agglomeration, coating, and dispersion. The mixing vessel rotates to ensure homogeniety and expedite discharging.

Pearl agglomeration

Create perfectly round, uniformly sized pearls of bronzer or blush with the RMG Pin Mixer and Tumble-Growth Granulator.

The resulting product is dust-free, easy to dose and package, and offers customers a novel, visually-appealing, and easy-to-handle alternative to pressed cosmetic powders.

Loose powder homogenization

Ensure that your loose powder products are free-flowing and uniformly blended. The AM Conical Powder Mixer intensively deagglomerates clumps without creating dust.

By creating a three-dimensional flow within the mixing goods, cosmetic powders are homogenized to a level that is virtually impossible to improve.

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