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Health and safety policy

Health and safety have top priority.

The health and safety of our entire team is our top priority. Our goal is to eliminate, or at least minimize, all hazards that exist around us for our employees and our visitors.

Proactive approach

We are firmly convinced that every accident is avoidable. We are therefore working proactively to continuously improve the health and safety conditions for all employees, temporary workers and contractors. We reduce risks as early as possible by carrying out hazard analyses in the workplace. We monitor vulnerable and take appropriate measures to mitigate risks. We also offer advice, medical care and preventive healthcare for all employees via an external partner.


All employees and managers are responsible for compliance with health and safety guidelines. We involve our contractors in our health and safety programs to raise their awareness of our mutual responsibility. We want to ensure that no one is put at risk, whether an employee, visitor, service provider, supplier or contractor.

The safety officer is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of this policy. He is supported in this by the safety specialist.

However, if incidents or operational disruptions occur, we have processes in place, as described in the standard operating procedures, which help us to manage these incidents in the best possible way and ensure the safety of our employees and partners. The aim is to initiate the appropriate emergency and damage repair measures as quickly, precisely and promptly as possible.

Technical infrastructure

Our technical facilities, including our technical center and our production facility, are developed, built and operated in accordance with the latest guidelines on occupational health and safety and in compliance with the latest information and safety technologies. We have established control mechanisms on site and regularly evaluate our safety procedures in order to reduce risks. We are convinced that our proactive approach and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements continuously improve our risk management and reduce risks.


Raising awareness of health and safety issues is a priority for us. Our employees, temporary workers and contractors are therefore regularly trained to recognize hazards, discuss accident risks and avoid incidents. Our safety culture is based on promoting a shared sense of responsibility to prevent behavior-related accidents.