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amixon® KoneSlid® mixers achieve ideal mixing qualities with minimal energy input. The mixing time is extremely short. The particle structure of the raw material is preserved.

Industrial mixer for baby food: Hygienic, quality-conscious, responsible - part 2

amixon® mixing technology for infant and premature formula. Two excellent solutions a) batch mixing, b) continuous mixing.

Clean, safe, healthy:  these are the demands of parents concerned about their children's healthy development. amixon® is aware of this responsibility and offers process-safe systems for efficient and gentle powder preparation of ingredients.


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Decoupling of the mixing process from the packaging process versus packaging of the mixing goods immediately after the mixing process.

In the first part on the subject of "Industrial mixers for baby food", we deal with the precise HM vertical twin-shaft mixer, which is suitable for a batch volume of 10 m³to 15 m³.

This type of industrial mixer is characterized by the fact that it mixes particularly gently and quickly, can be used very flexibly and is easy to clean. In addition, the mixing system has the advantage that only one sample per bulk batch needs to be analyzed and stored. The process steps of mixing and filling are decoupled and the finished product is transported to the packaging machine in containers, big bags or sacks.

When it comes to bulk blenders for end-of-line powder processing, the situation is quite different: In this case, all processing units are arranged one below the other. The finished batch of mixing goods first flows out of the mixer into a collecting container. Filling of the powder into the packaging machine takes place separately in terms of time and location.

"End-of-line blenders" are typically used on a campaign-by-campaign basis for a single product family - e.g., allergenic, non-allergenic, milk protein-free, milk protein-containing, halal or kosher baby food.

The cleaning effort is minimal, as a separate production line is provided for each product type. One example is the innovative amixon® KoneSlid® KS powder mixer.


amixon® twin-shaft mixer size HM 7000 for baby food and sterilized food for hospitals.

KoneSlid® powder mixer KS in the powder preparation of baby food

Two lines are always assigned to one filling line. The continuously produced goods from the spray tower are mixed in batches and then packaged. The batch sizes usually range from 300 to 1200 kg. A mixing system which is ideally suited for this purpose is the amixon® KoneSlid® powder mixer. The mixer is manufactured gas- and dust-tight and reliably protects the mixed goods as well as the operating personnel from external influences. With no dust escaping, the mixer remains clean and easy to maintain. The KoneSlid® powder mixer achieves the highest mixing qualities and short mixing times. The energy input is minimal and the particle structure of the raw material is protected. Field tests show that the most sensitive agglomerates are preserved with almost no amount of fines despite spray tower drying, fluid bed granulation or vacuum freeze drying. This results in a dust-free, rapidly dispersible, reliably wettable, rapidly soluble and homogeneous baby formula. We easily meet our requirement to go from spraying to packaging in just a few steps. The mixing process and the discharge of the powder mixer takes only 120 -180 seconds.

Avoiding oxidation: The mixing goods can be inertized in the mixer.

If required, amixon® can manufacture the KoneSlid® bulk mixer to be vacuum and pressure resistant. By applying a vacuum, the mixing chamber is evacuated; only the powder remains in the mixing chamber. The powder mixture is vented. This can also be done during mixing.

Subsequently, inert gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, other noble gases) are added until the atmospheric pressure level is reached. If the product is subsequently filled, it is protected from oxidation in the packaging. This intertization is also used for particularly combustible or dust-explosive mixing goods. amixon® mixers are certified: "Type-tested for dust explosive goods Ex II 1D (for zone 20)".

Remark: "Zone 20" as defined by Atex has two meanings. On the one hand, a spatial limitation (e.g. mixing chamber) and, on the other hand, that an explosive atmosphere is present for more than 50% of the operating time.

The KoneSlid® mixing system works independently of the filling level. This can vary from approx. 10% to 100%. The KoneSlid® mixer discharges within a few seconds. Free-flowing goods normally flow out without residue.

Easy wet and dry cleaning of the KoneSlid® powder mixer

In the production of high-quality baby food, amixon® guarantees compliance with the highest hygienic standards. With our WaterDragon® wet cleaning system all parts in contact with the product are cleaned without leaving any residue. Our innovative inspection doors from CleverCut® also provide easy access for manual dry cleaning without dead space. The O-ring seal inserted in the groove seals very close to the product and is dust, gas and water tight. With our KwickKlamp® door clamps the inspection doors of the mixer can be opened and closed manually quickly and easily. Despite being manually operated, the door clamps ensure a completely gas-tight seal. There is virtually no dead space. Electromechanical safety interlocks allow the inspection doors to be opened only after the mixing unit has been disconnected from the power grid.

amixon® continuous mixer with four gravimetrically operating dosing units The mixer rests on load cells. Both the filler and the discharge nozzle are fitted with flexible sleeves. The mixer's closing valve is regulated in such a way that the filling level in the mixer remains constant. This precision mixer can also be used as a batch mixer.

Continuous mixing of baby food: Ideal mixing quality and best possible protection of the mix particles.

A third type of process for powder preparation of dehydrated baby food is continuous mixing. The amixon® continuous mixer AMK is particularly suitable for the production of semi-finished products in large quantities and over longer periods of time.

The powder mixer operates according to the principle of continuously operated boiler flow. All components involved in the formulation are dosed into the mixer in a gravimetrically controlled manner and the finished mixture is discharged continuously.

When starting up commercially available continuous mixers, the product flow that emerges first does not correspond to the recipe, since the flow rates of the individual feeders must first be matched to each other.

This is a special feature: The amixon® continuous mixer, however, behaves on the one hand like a precision batch mixer and on the other hand like a continuous mixer. It corrects the phase of balancing the dosing elements by up to 100 percent.

Process steps of the AMK continuous mixer during powder preparation

At the start of production, all gravimetrically operating feeders are started simultaneously with a low mass flow. The outlet fitting of the mixer is initially closed. The dosing units "harmonize and correct" their dosing behavior. This increases the level in the industrial mixer. When the mixing vessel is filled to approximately 50 per cent, the drive of the mixer is started.  As soon as the filling level has reached 80 percent, the discharge flap slowly opens. A constant mass flow leaves the mixer. Each gram is optimally mixed.

Thanks to the innovative amixon® SinConvex® mixing tool, a high degree of residual emptying is possible at the end of the campaign. Every gram of the mixing good is thus turned into marketable product.


Trials in the amixon® test center

The amixon® team would be pleased to invite you to trials with your products. amixon® has more than 30 trial mixers available. This gives you a great information advantage.


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