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Patent of the engineer Bernhard Ruberg from Paderborn

From the inventor, the engineer Bernhard Ruberg from Paderborn: Patent for a vertical double-shaft mixer.

Our company name "amixon"

The word finding is derived from our company history.

The word "amixon" is an artificial word. Creative people put syllables and letters together in different ways. At first they ignored possible meanings. This method accidentally gave rise to the reasonably sonorous word "amixon".


Stefan Ruberg was born in 1958, the first of four children. The family lived in Paderborn. In 1982 Stefan Ruberg received a valuable gift from his father, the engineer Bernhard Ruberg. It was the patent of a new development. It was a double-shaft mixer in vertical design. This gift gave the impetus for the foundation of the company. In October 1983 the company Ruberg-Mischtechnik Kommanditgesellschaft was founded. The entry in the Commercial Register under the number HRA 1563 took place on December 6, 1983 in Paderborn. The founder and general partner of the limited partnership was Stefan Ruberg.


    In the beginning, the company was based in a warehouse building at Fürstenberstraße 21, Paderborn. In 1987, the company moved to larger premises. The company was now located at Stettiner Straße 1, Paderborn. In 1990, the first construction phase for our own company building took place at Halberstädter Straße 55. From here, the company slowly grew to the present day.


    In the Mönkeloh industrial estate at Halberstädter Straße 55 in Paderborn. Our first construction phase was started in 1990. In 1991 we left the rented halls and moved into our own building.

    First construction phase completed in 1991 at the current company location in the Mönkeloh industrial estate, Halberstädter Straße 55 in Paderborn.

    Photo from the year 1991.

    Our name Ruberg with the addition of Mischtechnik seemed a bit too long and increasingly unsuitable with regard to our growing export market. We set out to find a new name that suited us and met modern marketing requirements.

    The result was amixon®. However, we did not want to jeopardise the level of recognition we had achieved so far in the market. In addition to Ruberg®-Mischtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, amixon GmbH was founded. The sole owner of both companies is Stefan Ruberg. amixon® took over all service, consulting and sales tasks from 2003 onwards. From then on, Ruberg-Mischtechnik only took care of production.

    Our long-term partners have asked us with interest how the name amixon® came about. It is easy to explain when you consider the characteristics and advantages of the word

    • the three-syllable word is easy to pronounce
    • the "a" at the beginning of the word is alphabetically advantageous   
    • there is no r to make pronunciation difficult
    • the word amixon has no meaning even in foreign languages

    the word and trademark rights worldwide are held exclusively by amixon GmbH


    Some particularly familiar people asked us if the word amixon might have a meaning after all. This question caused us to think a little longer. So we devised the following derivation:


    to mix is the basic procedural operation of our apparatuses

    "mix on"

    means to continue the mixing process


    When the "a" is prefixed to certain words, its meaning is reversed. Examples are synchronous - asynchronous, social - asocial, symptotic - asymptotic. In the case of the amixon® mixers, this is obvious due to the extremely short mixing time.

    Forty years after the company was founded, many construction stages have been added. The amixon group manufactures all components for mixers, vacuum dryers and synthesis reactors itself. The exceptions are motors and gearboxes. Forty years after its foundation, the amixon group is still wholly owned by the Ruberg family. The next development steps are shaped by the managing directors Bernd Fraune and Matthias Böning.


    Not yet visible in this picture: In summer 2022, we have equipped many roofs with photovoltaic modules. There, we are already achieving an output of 450 kW peak.

    amixon® is actively working to continuously reduce its CO2 footprint. This relates to both the production processes and the goods produced.

    Photo taken in spring 2022, large photovoltaic systems were installed a short time later.

    Today, amixon® has a unique programme of precision mixers, vacuum mixing dryers and synthesis reactors. This makes amixon® the inventor, trendsetter and quality leader worldwide when it comes to vertically mounted helical mixing tools.

    © Copyright by amixon GmbH