amixon® mixers for spice blends

Mixed spices are homogenized – refined with liquid aromas and ready processed for the manufacture of sausages, marinades, ketchup, pizza toppings, ready-made meals, frozen and tinned food. In the amixon® mixer, high-viscosity liquid components much as oil, fat, lecithin, spice extract and syrup are distributed in a micro fine process in salt, dextrose or grain derivatives. This takes place in a deagglomeration process with a high energy input. Dried vegetables air-dried or freeze-dried - and visible spices are finally added. The second step of homogeneous distribution takes only a few seconds. This enables an easily flowing, dust-free and homogeneous mixture. Its appearance is natural and appetizing. With amixon® mixers you are able to obtain technically ideal mixtures, which are practically not improvable. This applies to almost all dry materials, moist and wet goods. Furthermore, the filing level of the mixer can vary from approx. 10 % to 100 %. With only one mixer you can not only homogenize very gently, but also intensively deagglomerate with an extremely high degree of energy input. amixon® mixers can empty themselves to a large extent. In particular by means of the patented ComDisc® system, the residual emptying degree can be up to 99.99 %. amixon® places special importance on the pilot phase in the test center. Your mixing processes are simulated here. This way, we support you in your product development phase. amixon® has a main test center in Paderborn (Germany). Further test centers are situated in Japan, Thailand, India and the USA.