Ribbon blenders

Vertical ribbon blending for the food, supplements, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Ribbon blenders are among the most versatile powder processing equipment around. With a helical mixing tool extending across the length of the mixing shaft, ribbon blenders create a spiral flow within the mixing chamber that is ideal for blending free-flowing powders, pellets, flakes, or granules, as well as pastes, slurries, and dough.

From instant beverage powders to fine ceramics, from fertilizers to baby formula, from cosmetics to polymer blends, ribbon blenders play a pivotal role in bringing a wide range of products to market. But precisely because ribbon blenders are multi-purpose mixing machines, performance can vary dramatically depending on the model and application.

Mixing technologist and ribbon blender manufacturer amixon® engineers customized solutions for diverse processing needs. Built with a unique, upright mixing chamber and equipped with innovative proprietary technology, amixon® vertical ribbon blenders offer unparalleled mixing quality and highly efficient processing.

    • The spiral mixing blade initiates a three-dimensional flow: a helical upward movement on the periphery and a downward flow in the center
    • Adjustable mix settings and rotational frequencies, with peripheral velocities ranging from 0.3 to 4 m/s
    • Tilted SinConvex® blades for increased blend uniformity and discharge yield
    • Cylindrical mixing chamber can be equipped with a conical bottom or ComDisc® mechanism for rapid and complete discharging
    • Large, ergonomic inspection doors for quick and easy cleaning
    • Design-on-demand for compliance with 3-A, ATEX, GMP, EHEDG, FDA, USDA, and more

Vertical ribbon blenders by amixon® - Ribbon blending, done better

Most ribbon blenders on the market today mix ingredients in a horizontal, U-shaped trough. Ribbon blenders from amixon® are different: a vertical mixing chamber encases a helical mixing tool with convex blades.

This special ribbon blender design presents a number of advantages over standard horizontal ribbon blending. Most notably, the vertical design of amixon® ribbon blenders eliminates contact between the seal and the mixing goods.

Within the vertical ribbon blender, the mixing shaft is sealed and mounted only from above, completely out of contact with the mixing goods. This is a stark contrast to horizontal ribbon mixers, which require mounting and sealing at both ends of the shaft, creating two points of contact with the materials.

Because the shaft seal never comes into contact with the material to be mixed, vertical ribbon blenders are especially well-suited for applications involving demanding safety and sanitation standards. For this reason, amixon® vertical ribbon blenders are widely used in food manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications.

In addition to the benefits for sanitation, top-mounted seals have a functioning lifetime that far exceeds those mounted in horizontal ribbon blenders. And in the event that the seal in your vertical ribbon blender does need replacing, the repair can be performed easily from above.

    Video: The benefits of vertical ribbon blending
    The mixing arm is mounted and sealed only from above. Even at the highest filling levels, the mixing goods will never come into contact with the seal. The vertical design of the ribbon blender makes it the perfect mixing device for sanitary applications in food, supplements, pharma, or cosmetics.

More than mixing – vacuum drying and reacting in ribbon blenders

VM Ribbon Blender

amixon® vertical mixers have vertically mounted agitator shafts. These ribbon blenders can also be described as slowly rotating shear mixers.

amixon® ribbon blenders can do more than just mix ingredients. Our vertical ribbon blenders can be designed and manufactured to offer a three-in-one mixing, drying, and reacting solution for chemically sensitive production process in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

In this case, the blender also functions as a vacuum dryer: every surface within the ribbon blender’s mixing chamber is jacketed and capable of being heated or cooled - from the vessel to the shaft to the agitator arms. Additionally, the pressure-tight vessel creates the perfect atmospheric conditions under which to process your product.

Ribbon blenders manufactured in Germany

amixon® manufactures all of its ribbon blenders and powder processing equipment in-house in Paderborn, Germany. All gearboxes and motors are also made in Germany.

Speak with an amixon® engineer today to schedule a ribbon blender demonstration at one of our piloting centers located around the globe. All mixing, drying, and reacting processes can be demonstrated at a 200 liter scale and extrapolated up to 20,000 liters. Sets of Alloy 59 are also available.

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