industrial powder mixing machine

Industrial powder mixers made in Germany

Enhance your product quality and powder processing efficiency  

For over 35 years, amixon® has been creating customizable powder mixing equipment for market leaders in diverse industries worldwide. Our state-of-the-art powder mixing technology offers huge advantages for your product and manufacturing process:

  • Maximum dispersal and powder flow
  • Short mix cycles
  • Enhanced product quality and consistency
  • Up to 99.997% discharge
  • Saves time during discharge, cleaning, and drying
  • Adjustable settings and mixing intensities
  • Collaborative product development and testing

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Used by manufacturers worldwide

We create, customize, and test powder mixing equipment for wide-ranging applications. amixon® powder mixer machines play a pivotal role in many industries:

  • Food processing – Instant soups, sauces, and beverages; Baking mixes; Seasoning and spice blends; Baby food and infant formula; Cereals; Thickening agents; Nutritional supplements.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Coated tablets; Powder filled capsules; Vitamin supplements.
  • Powder metallurgy & fine ceramics
  • Feed & pet food
  • 3D printing
  • Hygiene & cosmetics
  • Chemical mixing

Powder mixing – precisely how you want it

Every product has specific needs for the handling of dry ingredients. amixon® powder mixing machines are capable of creating blends exactly to your specifications.

  • Adjustable mixing intensity – from gentle homogenization to vigorous deagglomeration
  • Retain desired particle sizes – for ideal appearance and consistency
  • Diminished heat exposure – ingredients retain their chemical composition and taste profile
  • Heightened batch yields – designed for 99.997% discharge
  • Eliminate segregation – mixtures are dust-free, low in adhesion, and easy to pack
  • Even dispersal – introduce fats or liquids for intensive moistening without clumping
  • Multifunctional – settings range from agglomeration to coating to drying

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