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amixon® customized powder blending and mixing machines for diverse processing needs

Powder mixing equipment plays a crucial role across many industries that involve bulk solids processing. There is a wide range of applications for industrial powder mixing machines, from pharmaceutical production to food processing to cosmetics. Because every product and industry has unique needs for the handling of dry ingredients, powder mixer machines must be custom-built and equipped with specialized capabilities for the task at hand.

With so many possible applications for powder blending and mixing, selecting the optimal equipment for your specific industrial mixing needs calls for consultation.

For over 35 years, amixon® has been creating, testing, and customizing dry powder processing equipment to maximize efficiency and product quality for a wide variety of fields. Our powder mixing machines are used by market leaders in manufacturing industries worldwide.


More than just mixing and blending powders

Not all industrial powder mixers are created equal. Fine-tuned over the course of many decades in our facilities in Paderborn, Germany, the technology behind amixon® industrial powder blenders and mixing machines offers considerable advantages for your product and manufacturing efficiency:

    • Maximum dispersal and powder flow

    • Thorough homogenization in short mix cycles

    • Enhanced product quality and consistency

    • Up to 99.997% discharge with diminished segregation (Learn more)

    • Time-saving design for discharging, cleaning, and drying

    • Adjustable settings for a range of powder processing methods

    • Collaborative product development and testing (Learn more)

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Which amixon® powder mixer is right for your process?

    Many factors need to be considered when selecting the optimal powder blending equipment for your specific needs. amixon® mixing experts will advise you on how to choose the best powder mixer for your product, workflow, and facilities to help you create a customized processing solution.

    Here are several factors to evaluate when choosing a powder mixer or blender:

      • Powder characteristics – Is the powder sticky or free-flowing? Are the particles superfine or coarse? Powder mixing techniques vary depending on the properties of the ingredients to be mixed.
      • Continuous or batch production   – Does your production process operate continuously or in batches? The advantages and disadvantages of continuous mixers vs. batch mixers depends on your product, facilities, and desired output.

      • Batch sizes – Order amounts are not the only factor that must be evaluated in determining batch sizes. The volume of powders to be mixed can affect loading and discharge times, mixing techniques, change overs, and mixing duration among other things. Our powder mixers can be constructed at a wide range of proportions able to accommodate varying batch sizes and filling levels.

      • Processing needs – From agglomerating to dispersing, drying to moistening, gentle homogenization to intensive deagglomeration, different amixon® powder mixers are outfitted with different functions to help you achieve the desired mixing results.

      • Cleaning & sanitation – Is cross-contamination a concern for your product? Will the powder mixer need to be cleaned after every batch? Several amixon® powder mixing models are built with full access to the mixing chamber for especially easy cleaning and drying.

      • Factory specifications – Your ideal powder mixing machine must be a perfect match for the space and resources available within your production facilities. amixon® mixing experts can advise you as to how our equipment can be seamlessly integrated into your workspace.

    Explore our full selection of industrial powder mixing machines here.

    To determine the optimal powder mixer for your product and workflow, consult with an amixon® mixing technologist.

    Applications for powder mixing machines

    Bulk mixing is a central process in many different types of manufacturing. But not every industrial mixing machine is equipped with the specialized capabilities necessary to effectively handle all sorts of powders and dry ingredients. Offering a wide selection of customizable dry powder blending equipment, amixon® mixers can be implemented to fulfill a wide range of powder mixing needs in diverse industries.

    Powder mixing equipment for the food industry

    Powder mixers and blenders find applications at many stages of industrial food production. From the processing of raw materials to preparing mixtures for packaging, amixon® industrial powder mixers can boost performance at a number of junctures in production. In addition to adhering to the highest safety and sanitation standards, our dry powder mixers are designed for the utmost product quality and processing efficiency.

    Dry foods mixed by amixon® machinery are:

      • dust-free and easy to pack

      • free flowing and low in adhesion

      • unaffected by heat from the mixing action, retaining their full taste profile

      • retain desired particle sizes, shapes, and consistencies

    With their wide range of applications, amixon® powder mixers have proven to be indispensable to industrial food manufacturers of all kinds, from commercial spice mixers to industrial bakeries. Powder mixing use-cases in the food industry include:

      • Instant soups, sauces, and beverages – Complex recipes consisting of differently-sized and -shaped powdery components like dehydrated vegetables, spices, extracts, stabilizers, and enzymes are gently mixed for even distribution without segregation or particle size reduction.

      • Industrial baking mixes – Fats are evenly dispersed through powdery ingredients, intensively moistening the mixture without clumping or adhesion.

      • Seasoning and spice blends – Components are quickly yet gently homogenized, exposing the powders to minimal heat.

      • Baby food and infant formula – Extremely fine additives like probiotics, vitamins, and micronutrients can be introduced for even dispersal.

      • Other applications include cereals, thickening agents, nutritional supplements, seed mixtures, dairy products, sweeteners, and more.

    Pharmaceutical powder mixers

    Evenly blending exact amounts of powdered active ingredient with excipients is not without its difficulties. Achieving and documenting blend uniformity is among the most significant ongoing challenges facing pharmaceutical manufacturers. amixon® powder mixing technology optimizes the blending process for consistent results that can dramatically reduce the time and resources spent testing.

    amixon® has decades of experience building powder mixers used to bring safe and effective medicines and supplements to patients around the world. Highlights of our pharmaceutical powder mixing machines include:

      • Blend uniformity – Powder blends consisting of highly-concentrated active ingredients and excipients such as starch and cellulose are gently and thoroughly homogenized.

      • Tablet coating – Powdery active ingredients can be coated to accelerate or inhibit solubility or oxidization.

      • Grain enlargementPowdery particles can be agglomerated to diminish segregation and enhance handling characteristics.

    Other applications of powder mixing machines

    amixon® powder mixing equipment also offers state-of-the-art technology and processing solutions for:

      • Cosmetics manufacturers
      • Livestock feed and pet food
      • Veterinary medicine
      • Powder metallurgy
      • 3D printing
      • Pigments
      • and many more

    Learn more about the many applications for powder mixing by scheduling a consultation below.

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