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In almost all bulk solids processing industries such as the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, individual powder mixtures for different tasks are produced by powder mixers or powder blenders. The mixing goods can be powdery, finely dispersed, agglomerated, pelleted, dry, moist or suspended. Powder mixers are used wherever heterogeneous mixtures of substances have to be mixed according to a specific formulation. Generally, two types of powder mixers can be distinguished according to their basic structure:

  • Horizontal powder mixer
    consist of a horizontal cylindrical vessel which is terminated at both ends with end plates. Inside a horizontally mounted mixing tool rotates.
  • Vertical powder mixer
    consist of an upright cylinder which is closed with a top and bottom plate. Inside a vertically mounted mixing tool is rotating.

In contrast to the horizontal mixer, the vertical powder mixer has a screw-band mixing tool, which is usually mounted only above the mixing chamber.

Our Mixers and Blenders - EM and KS

Powder Mixer KSThe Powder Mixer KS offers great advantages in terms of hygiene. In addition, this design is also considered especially wear resistant. Powdery goods are often abrasive and sometimes adherent. In individual cases, liquid additives should be added to the powders, depending on the recipe.

EM Ribbon Blender with Drums

EM Powder Mixer - If a powder is moistened, it often changes its properties such as flow ability, bulk density, porosity or colour, tendency to adhesions, segregation and agglomeration. The method of wetting in the powder mixer might also affect the properties of the powder.

The sinking behaviour, solubility and dispersion properties of a mixture can be significantly influenced. Examples are dried instant soups, iced tea or cappuccino powder, instant sauces, instant desserts, cereals and baby food. Finely dispersed powders as well as larger particles can be coated directly in the powder mixer, for example by adding a liquid. Agglomerates of powders or pellets can also be produced.

Beyond that, some vertical powder mixers can also be used for the mixing of high viscosity liquids, suspensions and dough. Powder mixers and powder blenders can also perform further tasks, such as those of a vacuum mixer dryer. The wet powder can be heated by contact with the tempered mixing chamber.

This way, the dispersed liquid in the powder evaporates. By applying vacuum, the boiling point is reduced. This speeds the drying process up. Powder products can be changed or sterilized by being subjected to steam. Powdery substances are heated and material properties are changed by applying pressure or vacuum.

This way, the blender functions as a reactor (synthetic chemistry). In many manufacturing processes in which powders are processed, amixon® powder mixers and powder blenders make a value-increasing share. They also bear the ability to empty themselves to a particularly high degree. Often the formulation compositions are heterogeneous and can hardly be analysed in a state of powdery bulk material.

amixon® can carry out practical tests with many test mixers available. For this purpose amixon® would like to invite you to our test centres in Paderborn, Memphis/USA, Osaka/Japan, Bangkok/Thailand, Tianjin/China or Satara/India.

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