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Is your production line ready for the plant-based future of food?

From vegan start-ups to some of the most established names in meat processing, food industry businesses of every ilk are investing in the production of plant-based foods resembling animal proteins. But satisfying this rising demand for plant-based products is not without its challenges.

Download Whitepaper [PDF]

This whitepaper from amixon GmbH aims to provide insights into the manufacturing challenges faced by producers of plant-based foods and the role of mixing equipment in meeting the demands of this quickly growing market sector.

Industrial mixers are a crucial piece of equipment in the production of plant-based foods, helping manufacturers develop new product formulations, ensure hygiene, and scale their processes to peak efficiency and profitability.

What's inside?

  • Changing consumer behaviors
  • Investment trends
  • Production and sourcing challenges
  • Scaling production profitably
  • Lack of industry-wide standards for plant-based claims
  • Mixing equipment and product quality
  • Plant-based new product development
  • Preventing contamination

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