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Safety at work when carrying out experiments in the amixon® technical centre is a top priority.

Occupational safety, explosion protection and tested safety in amixon GmbH's Pilot Center II

On the one hand, we are dealing with dust explosive dusts, on the other hand with flammable solvents and their vapors. In the test mixer/reactor, both phenomena (hybrid mixtures) can also take place simultaneously.

The pilot plant II of amixon GmbH serves the purpose of gaining knowledge through process testing. Using your original products, mixing tests, vacuum drying tests or / and synthesis reactions are carried out. All relevant process data is digitally recorded and documented. They are summarized and interpreted in the test report. The data obtained in this way is very valuable. The data is the basis for properly designing and constructing a future process apparatus for your production. They are also the basis for a cost calculation.

Sometimes, potential hazards emerge from the test goods. Some of your liquids and dusts may be flammable or explosive;

  • the liquids due to their evaporation behavior and their flash point;
  • the powders due to their small particle size and low minimum ignition energy.
  • If both occur together, this is referred to as hybrid mixtures.

amixon® has implemented all the safety-related measures to minimize the risks described above with the construction of the pilot plant II. In this respect, the safe operation of the AMT 200, AMT 100 and VMT 200 pilot plant reactors is ensured. An essential aspect in this context is the characterization of the operating conditions as a function of the pressure as well as an inerting concept,

  1. if hybrid mixtures are present,
  2. when an explosive mixture of gas, steam and air is present
  3. if particularly ignition-sensitive dust-air mixtures are present.

This allows amixon® to ensure flexible process control and extensive testing capabilities.

    Certificate for work safety in the pilot plant

    There are some hazardous substances that amixon® process engineers are not yet familiar with. Every reactant, every intermediate, every end product is different. The potential hazards must be discussed beforehand. " Work safety always has the very highest priority".

    Common safety discussion - before the trial takes place; complementary to the exchange of safety data sheets.

    If hazardous substances are used in the pilot plant, amixon® needs additional Safety Instructions from the customer: "Fundamental safety knowledge from the daily handling of hazardous substances”.

    If a trial with dangerous substances has to take place, then a joint safety meeting must have taken place beforehand.

    Hazardous substances may only be sent to amixon® if a written approval has been granted by amixon GmbH.

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