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amixon® mixers are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

FAQ: The ideal mixer for your needs?

The amixon® mixers offer many user advantages: they mix quickly - regardless of the filling level, they empty largely without residue, they are particularly convenient to clean/inspect, they have large inspection doors. The spiral mixing tools are driven and mounted only at the top.

The HM, KS, AM and VM mixing systems are precision mixers with very short mixing times. They are mostly manufactured with batch volumes from 1000 liters to 7000 liters. These mixers can be used for almost all types of dry, wet and suspended solids. 

The HM type is a twin-shaft mixer with the highest efficiency, whose mixing time is extremely short: about 0.5 to 5 minutes, depending on the task. The AM and VM mixing systems are single-shaft mixers. Their mixing times are approx. 4 to 7 minutes, depending on the task. The achievable mixing qualities of the mixers always correspond to ideal homogeneity, which cannot be improved in practice.

The GM mixing system is a large-volume homogenizing mixer. However, if you want to distribute a very small component in the total batch, this mixing system is not the first choice. This process would take a very long time.

Do the HM and KS mixing systems have the same properties?

The characteristics are pretty much the same in terms of smooth, gentle operation. Both systems ensure maximum efficiency. The KS design is used when the mixing time is extremely short and when complete discharge has to take place in a few seconds. The KS system realizes cycle times of 1 to 4 minutes (cycle time is the sum of the times for filling, mixing, emptying and closing the valve). The mixer can also empty in dosing or portioning.

The GM mixing system is a new development for classic homogenizing tasks, for example, when a large-volume mixing compound has to be homogenized.

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What are typical processing tasks when large quantities of raw material are delivered?

Bulk commodities such as tea, herbs, spices, tobacco or chemical raw materials are often delivered from overseas in 40-foot ocean containers. It must be assumed that the goods in the container have a wide variety of qualities, particle sizes, bulk densities, moisture levels, color and flavor characteristics, etc. A quality determination can only take place if a statistically secured sample is taken and analyzed. However, sampling only makes sense if the total mass has been homogenized. The KS mixing system can homogenize large quantities gently. Its motor power is low. The mixing unit rotates slowly. The mixing tool is moved without dead space along the cylinder wall with a defined distance to the cylinder wall. Its mixing time can be adjusted according to motor power and rotational frequency.  This large-capacity mixer is particularly compact and meets the highest hygiene requirements.

What do you recommend if my new mixer has to be hygienic and particularly inexpensive, but still has to be an all-rounder? It should mix all powders ideally, regardless of whether particularly dusty or coarse particles are present.

Your requirement is ideally met by our amixon® flat-bottom mixer VM.

Can amixon® make a recommendation if my batch sizes differ extremely? Some mixing batches consist of only 200 liters, other batches are 3000 liters and larger. The mixing quality must always be good.

The amixon® conical mixer AM is the optimal solution. It guarantees ideal mixing qualities at widely varying filling levels for all types of dry and wet materials - regardless of particle size. In addition, the amixon® conical mixer can completely empty free-flowing mixes. 

Can the KS mixing system be tested?

Yes, this mixing system is also available for trials in the test center. We recommend carrying out the tests on a 2 m³ scale. A scale-up to other sizes such as 20 m³ or 70 m³ is certainly ensured.

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