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Conical mixer for Tea blends, visible spices, culinary herbs

Mixing task and advantages of working with the cone mixer type AM

Mixing task: Fruits, tea leaves, air-dried or freeze-dried spices of widely differing sizes and weights should be blended gently and homogenously.

In the amixon® mixer, the goods are ideally mixed, regardless of differing particle sizes, bulk densities and flow properties at low rotational frequency. After only about 40 to 160 mixing revolutions, technically ideal mixing qualities are achieved which cannot to be improved in practice.

Advantages: Homogenous blending is achieved despite different bulk densities and particle sizes.
The mixing is:

  • Fast and gentle
  • Perfectly homogenous
  • Particles are undamaged
  • Liquid additives are homogenously distributed
  • Naturally fresh feel and appeal

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