vertical ribbon blender for powder mixing

Vertical ribbon blenders

Multi-functional mixing equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries  

For over 35 years, amixon® has been creating and customizing industrial ribbon blenders for market leaders in diverse industries worldwide. 

Our ribbon blending equipment can handle a wide and ambitious range of industrial mixing projects, from filling levels as low as 10% to batches as large as 40,000 liters. 

In addition to their efficiency-boosting designs, amixon® vertical ribbon blenders can be outfitted to double as vacuum dryers and reactors.

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1. Choose your ribbon blender specs

Mixing requirements vary drastically depending on the product and industry. amixon® vertical ribbon blenders can be customized to meet your unique processing needs:  

  • 100 to 40,000 liter mixing volumes – Select a ribbon blender with the ideal capacity and proportions for your manufacturing process.
  • Low to high rotary frequency – Protect sensitive ingredients with gentle mixing or intensively deagglomerate with high-shear rotors
  • Single or twin shaft ribbon blenders
  • Jacketing and vacuum sealing

2. Mix the goods for ideal results

Using the cutting edge of mixing technology, amixon® ribbon blenders are engineered to consistently achieve ideal mixing results in short mix cycles: 

  • SinConvex® - A patented helical mixing tool for a three-dimensional flow
  • CleverCut® - The patented inspection door mechanism seals close to the mixing goods, protecting from overpressure and eliminating dead space
  • Intensive moistening – Evenly incorporate fats or highly viscous fluids through the spray nozzle
  • 99.997% discharge – The conical bottom heightens batch yields and diminishes segregation

3. Enjoy easy cleaning & maintenance

Beyond ideal mixing results and batch yields, amixon® ribbon blenders are equipped with thoughtful details to improve your processing efficiency:  

  • Large inspection doors – Direct access to the mixing chamber dramatically reduces cleaning and drying times
  • KwickKlamp® - Completely seal the chamber with an easy opening and closing mechanism
  • Top-mounted only – The mixing blade is mounted only from the top for increased sterility
  • Unparalleled longevity – Enduring and easy to repair, many amixon® ribbon blenders are still in operation after 25 years

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Technical drawings

vertical ribbon blender chamber Vertical ribbon blenders

SinConvex mixing blade Vertical ribbon blenders

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