vacuum dryer and mixer reactor

3-in-1 Mixer, Vacuum Dryer & Reactors

Create ideal temperature and pressure conditions while mixing and drying

amixon® VMT and AMT systems perform a full range of mixing, drying, and reacting functions for chemically sensitive production processes in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Both the cylindrical and conical vacuum drying models are fully pressurized and heatable.

  • Jacketed, pressure-tight vessel – Conditions within the mixing chamber are completely contained.

  • Hot or cold mixing – Every part of the mixing tool from the arms to the shaft can be heated or cooled for ideal thermal transfer.

  • Flexible settings – Create expertly controlled reactions with functions ranging from drying to coating, agglomeration to dispersion.

  • Sanitary compliance – Adherence to the highest standards of sanitation as demanded in the global food and pharmaceutical industries.

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Technical drawings

Cross-section of the vertical mixer dryer and vacuum dryer

Vertical Vacuum Dryer & Reactor VMT

Conical Vacuum Dryer & Reactor AMT

Conical Vacuum Dryer & Reactor AMT

Custom-built for your product

Collaborate with amixon® engineers to test and deploy an all-in-one mixer, dryer, and reactor that meets your exact production needs.

  • Conical or cylindrical tanks – Choose the vessel shape best suited to your processing requirements

  • Add-ons for special use cases – High-speed cutting rotors can be installed for processes that require intensive deagglomeration

  • Compatible with varying rheological properties – Fine-tuned to treat even the most sensitive ingredients quickly, gently, and consistently

Mixing made simpler

Engineered in Paderborn, Germany, amixon® Vacuum Dryers and Mixing Reactors are outfitted with cutting-edge features and thoughtful details to boost production output and product quality


  • Easy cleaning and drying – Fully accessible mixing chamber dramatically reduces cleaning and drying times between recipes.

  • Top-mounted helical mixing blade – For improved blend uniformity, quicker mixing times, and better solids suspension.

  • 99.997% discharge – Leave no expensive, value-adding ingredients behind after mixing.

  • Unparalleled longevity – With easy maintenance and repair, much of our equipment is still in operation after 25 years.

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