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Manufacturing nutritional supplement powders and effervescent tablets

amixon® mixers are highly suited for performing the microfine homogenization processes necessary to manufacture vitamins, nutritional supplements, micronutrients, functional active ingredients, aromas, food colorings, binding agents, and more.

Advanced mixing technology for the supplement industry

The airtight mixing chamber is filled with nitrogen so that these chemically sensitive ingredients are not exposed to any oxidation during the mixing process. Even the smallest components (vitamins, micronutrients, enzymes, etc.) are homogeneously distributed into the bulk powders in an extremely gentle mixing process. Agglomeration is also possible, enabling the production of functional powders and solid tablets with homogeneous porosity, consistent coloring, and excellent solubility.

amixon® mixers achieve ideal mixing results by generating a three-dimensional flow of goods within the mixing chamber. The mixing shaft is sealed and driven only from the top, out of contact with the mixing goods. Dry, moist, or suspended goods are thoroughly mixed at a low rotary frequency, regardless of differing particle sizes, bulk densities, or flowability characteristics. Technically ideal mixing results can be achieved in as few as 40 to 160 revolutions. After mixing, the ComDisc® system enables discharging up to 99.99%.

Designed for hygiene and compliance

amixon® mixing equipment is engineered to comply with the highest standards for hygiene and quality: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) and EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group).

Furthermore, the machines are designed for ergonomic manual cleaning and effective automated cleaning, whether wet or dry, enabled in particular by the innovative CleverCut® inspection doors.

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